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SNL: Pete Davidson talks suicide and how Kid Cudi Music saved him! Inspiring!

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SNL: Pete Davidson opens up about past suicidal thoughts. Inspiring!

Kid Cudi Music saves Pete Davidson

What happens when Kid Cudi music saves Pete Davidson’s life?

How many times in our lives have we felt really low? Can you think of a time when you felt as though your whole world was spinning out of control and you just ‘did not’ want to be here on this Earth? The fact is that suicide is actually the second leading cause of death for college-age youth and young adults. And there have been more teenagers and young adults who have died from suicide than cancer, heart disease, STI’s, pneumonia, and even chronic lung diseases COMBINED.

Those statistics shouldn’t be so high and frankly, it’s a little scary to think that 1 in 5 of your friends is secretly suicidal. And did you know for every one suicide there are 25 others who have attempted it? There are over 117 suicides a year.

SNL’s Pete Davidson has recently opened up about his past and how he was once suicidal. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or what you do as a career in life. Suicide can creep up on your emotions and take over your thoughts, it’s a battle and you should never be ashamed of feeling it but it’s also important to reach out to someone you trust or look to comfort in the things you love most. Remember that these feelings are temporary and eventually the problem will resolve as long as you stay strong.

Pete Davidson opened up about what saved his life as a kid. And it just so happened to be music, literally everyone’s verb (it feels like). Kid Cudi’s 2009 album “Man on the Moon,” is what saved him when he was a teenager. He said:

“Cudi’s the best of all. He saved my life. I would’ve killed myself if I didn’t have Kid Cudi,” the 22-year-old comedian told The Breakfast Club radio show on Tuesday (October 25) (via Us Weekly). “I would’ve killed myself. Absolutely 100 percent. I truly believe if Man on the Moon didn’t come out, I wouldn’t be here. It’s kind of comforting to know your hero goes through the same stuff you do. I think that’s why a lot of kids my age can relate to Cudi and people love him so much is because he’s a very emotional dude,” Pete stated, adding that they do communicate. “I texted with him last Monday, and he’s in really good spirits. I think I might go see him next week. But he’s in a good place.”

The most important thing to do when you’re feeling down is reaching out, say something, to anyone you trust, write down, let out the emotions and stay strong. Always remember these feelings are temporary. And if you really feel like you might do it, no matter how hard it is, don’t because you do have a purpose, we all have a purpose, we are amazing. (Even I’ve been suicidal at points in my life, feeling not good enough, PTSD from my past with my Father and many other tscreen-shot-2016-10-26-at-8-32-20-amrials that eventually did come to end but my life didn’t come to an end).

The statistics are scary and are unacceptable. And according to AFSP, there are even more people hospitalized. They said:

“No complete count is kept of suicide attempts in the U.S.; however, each year the CDC gathers data from hospitals on non-fatal injuries from self-harm.

494,169 people visited a hospital for injuries due to self-harm. This number suggests that approximately 12 people harm themselves for every reported death by suicide. However, because of the way these data are collected, we are not able to distinguish intentional suicide attempts from non-intentional self-harm behaviors.

Many suicide attempts, however, go unreported or untreated. Surveys suggest that at least one million people in the U.S. each year engage in intentionally inflicted self-harm.

Females attempt suicide three times more often than males. As with suicide deaths, rates of attempted suicide vary considerably among demographic groups. While males are 4 times more likely than females to die by suicide, females attempt suicide 3 times as often as males. The ratio of suicide attempts to suicide death in youth is estimated to be about 25:1, compared to about 4:1 in the elderly.”

[Pete Davidson can relate to my nightmare and Ariana Grande is his support.]

The fight may not be easy, you might cry, punch a wall and feel like complete crap but you do matter. If you feel suicidal please know that you can even talk to someone anonymously on the Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Don’t you find it heart-warming that Kid Cudi music had such an impact on Pete Davidson?

You are whole, you are you, you are what this world needs, stay strong and blessed be.


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