Zelda pens about loss before the birthday of her father Robin Williams.

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Zelda pens about loss before the birthday of her father Robin Williams.

When I think of Robin Williams I think of a man who influenced my childhood. Robin Williams was a man with passion, love, and strength.

He suffered from depression but as his wife has said, it was one of the 50 other symptoms Williams had to face on a daily basis. It’s been said that DLB is what caused him to take his life.

Zelda pens about loss before the birthday of her father Robin Williams.
Zelda pens about loss before the birthday of her father Robin Williams.

DLB is the second most common neurodegenerative dementia. It comes in right after Alzheimer’s but is also frequently misdiagnosed. It occurs when protein deposits called “Lewy bodies,” develop in nerve cells within regions of your brain which can involve thinking memory and movement (motor control). According to the Mayo Clinic. The buildup then causes a progressive decline in mental abilities, leading to fluctuations of mental status, hallucinations, and impairment of motor functions.

But Robin Williams was more than his disease. He was an inspiration, unforgettable inspiration. He is forever in the hearts of the millions who know him and grew up on his fantastic films. He’s also proof that you can achieve anything you want in life.

Mental illness can be hard and it can debilitate you but it can’t take away who you are so regardless what you’re fighting.

Be strong.

[Robin Williams widow Susan Schneider writes essay about his final months.]

Zelda (his daughter) took to social media to reflect and announce she’ll be taking some time off for herself.

“It’s that time of year again. Everyone who has dealt with loss knows the pain of certain anniversaries, moments full of memory that come round like clockwork and usurp all others, no matter how hard you may try to prepare for or avoid them,” Zelda wrote on Instagram. “These weeks are the hardest for me, and thus, you’ll see me a lot less, if at all. For all the internet’s good intentions in expressing to me their fondness for dad, it’s very overwhelming to have strangers need me to know how much they cared for him right now. It’s harder still to be expected to reach back.

“So while I’ve got the strength, consider this my one open armed response, before I go take my yearly me time to celebrate his and my birthdays in peace. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for supporting him and his life’s work. Thank you for missing him. I do too.

“If you’d like to do something in his honor, volunteer at your local homeless shelter, or look up how to make homeless aid backpacks. Give one in his name. He’d have loved that. Otherwise some great orgs he loved include @cafoundation, @dswt and @reevefoundation. Mostly, try to spread some laughter and kindness around. And creatively swear a lot.” She joked and continued. ““Everytime you do, somewhere out there in our vast weird universe, he’s giggling with you… or giving a particularly fat bumblebee its wings. Happy early birthday, Poppo. Miss you every day, but especially these ones. ♥️.”

Robin Williams would have been 67. Williams took his own life in 2014 at the age of 63.

If there’s anything you want to do, do out from the love your heart, in his memory, we can still pass on the good and love everyone you meet. But also be there for those in need.

Please remember Robin Williams at this time for everything he stood for, all the charities he took part in, the movies he created, the family he adored and how he sheds a positive light on depression and disease.

He fought and continued to make us laugh even when he wasn’t feeling the best. And as the video says down below “if you’re depressed reach out to someone, suicide is a permanent situation,” you can always call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. 

That’s a hero in my life.

Robin Williams was a hero.

Blessed be.

Robin Williams Memorial: Inspiration

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