Wilmer Valderrama visiting Demi Lovato in hospital.

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Wilmer Valderrama visiting Demi Lovato in hospital.

Wilmer Valderrama visiting Demi Lovato in hospital.
Wilmer Valderrama visiting Demi Lovato in hospital.

Demi Lovato’s friend Wilmer Valderrama has been sticking by Demi Lovato’s side since her overdose last month, but on Saturday (August 4), he had to take some time away from the hospital and it was all for a good cause.

The handsome 38-year-old was seen at a charity in L.A for “Kind,” which is for kids in need of defense. The charity is founded by Angelina Jolie and helps to provide legal counsel to refugee and immigrant children in the United States.

Valderrama has been spotted visiting Demi Lovato.

See, regardless of what you have gone through with someone in your past, it’s always important to always have the same respect for one another as you ever did to begin. It makes the future filled with love rather than hate and they are the perfect example.

A source potentially revealed to US Weekly that Valderrama “seemed really down and looked sad,” during his three-hour visit with Lovato (July 25), which was a day after the overdose. And to us, that just shows how much he truly loves and cares about Lovato.

The “Sorry Not Sorry,” singer was found by paramedics unconscious. It’s been speculated that a female friend called and requested they do not use sirens. Lovato was revived with Narcan. That’s a drug that’s commonly used for opiate overdoses.

As we reported, Lovato took to Instagram and wrote about her challenge with addiction.

Demi Lovato breaks her silence after hospitalization!

Wilmer Valderrama visiting Demi Lovato in hospital.
Demi and Wilmer Valderrama. (Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Topshop Topman)

The most important thing right now is to remember that Lovato isn’t alone in these battles. There are people all over the world who face the same battles, maybe the person reading this faces a similar battle, whatever the situation, you can free yourself from the demons.

But you have to be ready to fight.

You can do it, we can all succeed if we want it bad enough and people who do struggle should want it because you’re so important to the world. We have a place, a talent and we all bring something to the table in this world.

Our impact is greater than imaginable, so, always be strong and if you are struggling, please talk to somebody. You don’t have to go through the battles alone.

Have you ever gone through a battle with addiction? How did you overcome it? Sound off in the comments below. You never know who is reading, you might change their life. And if you enjoy what you’ve been reading, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity newsletter. That way you can stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip and the latest entertainment news.

Blessed be!


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