The Legend of Zelda: Best Zelda Dubstep you’ll hear! 

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The Legend of Zelda: Best Zelda Dubstep you’ll hear!

The Legend of Zelda: Best Zelda Dubstep you'll hear! 
The Legend of Zelda: Best Zelda Dubstep you’ll hear! 

I don’t know about you but listening to Zelda brings back so many memories from the year 1990. The Legend of Zelda was born over 30 years ago. And if you remember it was on a little floppy disk. Then on February 21, 1986, Japan got a taste of the Hyrule lands. Westerns are more familiar with the famous gold cartridge!

If you’re into EDM and Zelda then we’re betting you’ll love this remix of our favorite background music. The soundtrack is boss but you give me an EDM remix and I’m all for it.

Facts about Zelda you may not know

  • The shiny gold and plastic NES cartridge you remember playing time and time again sold for $150,000 on eBay.Best Zelda Dubstep you'll hear! 
  • Link is usually left-handed but in games like Twilight Princess, Link is right handed because that’s how most people hold the Wii remote.
  • The original theme  to The Legend of Zelda was actually Ravel’s Bolero (initially I didn’t know what this was) according to Wikipedia, “Boléro is a one-movement orchestral piece by the French composer Maurice Ravel (1875–1937).” And it was originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian actress and dancer Ida Rubinstein, the piece, which premiered in 1928, is Ravel’s most famous musical composition.
  • Koji Kondo rearranged the orchestral piece for the NES, but found later that the song was still under copyright. That pushed Kondo to pull an all-nighter to write the theme we all remember today. 
  • Zelda is Fitzgerald, that’s right Fitzgerald inspired Links gorgeous princess.
  • The film Indiana Jones was a huge inspiration for the original The Legend of Zelda.
  • Indiana Jones movies provided inspiration for the original The Legend of Zelda. Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to reach the goal of a “sense of adventure to a video game.”

Those were some new facts to me, so, hopefully you learned something new about our favorite classic game!

But now it’s time to check out that Zelda EDM remix! Listen to it below and be sure to let us know what you thought, did you have a favorite part? That bass dropped hard in my car, it was fantastic. Sound off!

Blessed be!

Best Zelda EDM remix!


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