Zedd and Elley Duhé drop “Happy Now.” Watch here!

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 Zedd and Elley Duhé drop “Happy Now.” Watch here!

Zedd and Elley Duhé drop "Happy Now." Watch here!
Zedd and Elley Duhé drop “Happy Now.” Watch here

Zedd and Elley Duhé had a great collaboration for their song “Happy Now.” And Zedd just dropped the official music for the hit track. 

Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) is a well-known Russian-German record producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He always produces the top quality jams that vary in style including, electro house music, progressive house, dubstep, sweet hip-hop remixes, and collaborations.

Speaking of collaborations, Zedd has collaborated with many high-profile celebrities including, Selena Gomez, Kesha, Marren Morris, Grey, Ariana Grande, and the well-known hit “Clarity,” with Foxes.

PCG magazine saw Zedd perform at the Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah. And he gave an unforgettable performance. In fact, it’s no big surprise because he’s been nominated as Artist of the Year for three American Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, two DJ Awards, one Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award and five MTV Awards! 

The fact that he’s had so much success is amazing and PCG magazine is proud to watch him grow as an artist.

The collaboration with Zedd and Elley Duhé is pretty sweet. It’s now on PCG magazines playlist. Now it’s your turn to be the judge, you can check out the video below.

Zedd: One Strange Rock documentary for The National Geographic!

The official music video for “Happy Now,” by Zedd and  Elley Duhé had dropped. Check it out below and be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below. And if you’re enjoying the positive vibes, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity newsletter. That way you can stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news.

So, what do you guys think of Zedd and Elley Duhé collaboration? Sound off!

Blessed be!

Zedd and Elley Duhé drop “Happy Now.” Watch here!


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