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Ariana Grande: “get well soon,” is about her anxiety!

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Ariana Grande: “get well soon,” is about her anxiety!

Ariana Grande has such an enormous heart and she’s always looking to make the world a better place. But this comment dives into having to see those suffer after the Manchester attack.

Grande opened up in a new interview about her song “get well soon,” and her struggle with anxiety, particularly after the horrifying attack on Manchester during her event. But she did everything in her power to help those who were affected, she would not stand down and for that, PCG magazine is proud of her strength to give the middle finger to evil people and continue to spread positivity.

Ariana Grande: "Get Well Soon," is about her anxiety!
Ariana Grande: “Get Well Soon,” is about her anxiety!

Pharrell helped produce the album “Sweetener,” and Ari opened up about the level of anxiety she’s had to face.

“[Pharrell] kind of forced it out of me, because I was in a really bad place mentally. I’ve always had anxiety, I’ve had anxiety for years. But when I got home from tour it reached a very different, intense peak. It became physical and I was not going out at all, and I felt like I was outside my body. I’d have these spells every now and then where I felt like I was having déjà vu, but like 24/7 for three months at a time. It was really weird, and all that was on my mind. [Pharrell] was like, “You have to write about it. You need to make this into music and get this shit out, and I promise it will heal you.”

Ariana Grande talks Manchester and her fans!

She shared that while writing was therapeutic, it wasn’t completely healing.

“It still took me a few weeks to feel better, but looking back at it now from a healthier place, it’s probably one of the most important songs I’ll ever write.”

Taking the circumstances, we don’t blame her, being in a situation like the Manchester attack can cause a lot of emotional upset. But she went back with her army and team. Everyone that night did such an amazing job at giving the evil in this world the middle finger.

It’s pretty sweet to know that she was able to write something that meaningful, it’s art, it will stay with us forever.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments below! And if you haven’t heard the song “get well soon,” check it out below.

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Blessed be!

Ariana Grande | Speaks About Manchester/Get Well Soon

Ariana grande- “get well soon.”

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