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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!

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Positive Celebrity Exclusive:
Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity,
childhood and more!

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!

It’s AGT’s Daniel Emmet, he’s cute, he’s talented and he has a huge heart. Daniel Emmet is from Rochester, NY.  And it has always been his passion to sing when he was 15-years-old, he moved to Las Vegas, NV and began taking music lessons, ones that would eventually lead him to his journey on America’s Got Talent.

Initially, PCG magazine didn’t know what to expect from his audition. Afterward, our ears were beyond amazed, in the same way, the audience and judges felt.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!

As Emmet pursued toward his goal, it became evident he had the skills to deliver a powerful performance with his unique approach to the musical love language.

Emmet shared how music became a passion, particularly, after moving to Las Vegas.

On singing and moving to Las Vegas.

I always enjoyed singing when I was younger, but it never really became a passion for me until I moved to Las Vegas at age 15. While in high school, I had an opportunity to perform (for the very first time outside of a school play) at a Gala for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. It was in front of about 800 people, and I was so unprepared for how emotional that moment would be. I learned then and there just how powerful music can be, and how as a performer you have a chance to lift people’s spirits and take them out of their day-to-day life for the time that you’re entertaining them. Once I understood that, I knew I wanted to make music for the rest of my life.”

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Equally as important, Emmet is a multi-lingual vocalist, in fact, did you guys know that Daniel knows six languages?

Of course, we wanted to know what influenced him to learn such a variety of spoken language.

On Falling in love with different languages of music:

I really fell in love with singing in different languages in college. I studied music at Chapman University, and I was very fortunate to have great professors and resources there to learn to sing in the different languages. I would have to say my favorite performance on AGT this far has been “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” because it combined my love of singing in a foreign language, and it was a chance to really do something unexpected for a classical singer. I was able to combine my love of classical music and my love of rock ’n’ roll into one song! Plus there was actual fire on stage, and that’s just way too cool.”

Indeed, he is pure talent, the whole package.

I mean, his wide range of musical expression crosses far across the genre spectrum, including Opera and he learns quickly, in fact, Simon gave him a song to learn and he only had one hour.

PCG magazine wanted to know more about that hour and how it felt have that experience on America’s Got Talent.

On how it felt to experience learning a song in one hour.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!

“Well, it was absolutely an adrenaline-junkie worthy hour! I think that because there was a time constraint, I almost didn’t have time to be nervous, I just knew I had to learn it, I had to get it done, and through sheer adrenaline and determination it came together, and while terrifying, it was a moment I’ll never forget.

Inspiring, we can’t imagine how intense that moment was for Daniel. But he nailed it and literally blew the judges and audience right off the stage. It was such a powerful performance, especially, taking into account he only had 1-hour to learn the new song.

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The most incredible feeling in the world is knowing that you “made it,” to your next destination in your journey. After all, it’s an emotion you’ll never forget and we asked how it felt to see himself on television for the first time.

On how it was to watch himself on TV.

He shared how “surreal,” the whole time he watched himself on TV.

It felt so surreal, it was an out-of-body experience for me, and I can say with certainty that all of the emotions from the audition came rushing back as I watched myself on TV for the first time. It was such a crazy moment for me, I couldn’t believe it was really happening!”

Afterward, it was time to be judged, yet, once again he shocked the audience, judges and got through to the next act. Emmet opened up about his audition and hearing what the judges had to say after his performance.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
Daniel Emmet | Photo by: Killer Imaging |

First, he shared how he felt right before the audition. Next, he was seeing himself for the first time America’s Got Talent 2018!

On how he felt right before his audition.

“Nervous of course, but even more excited than nervous!”

On how it felt to watch his audition on America’s Got Talent.

It felt absolutely electrifying, and validating, hearing from the judges that I was good enough was a feeling I’ll never forget.”

As a result, Emmets has some encouragement for those thinking about trying out for America’s Got Talent 2019.

On advice for those considering audition for America’s Got Talent 2019.

“ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT! You have the chance to work with some of the greatest professionals in the industry, and really showcase your art and passion on the biggest stage in the world.  AGT has been such a positive experience for me this season, I can’t say enough how grateful I am to the entire AGT family for letting me be a part of season 13!”

Most importantly, Daniel Emmet opened up about what he’s learned throughout his AGT journey.

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On what he learned, so far during his AGT journey.

One significant thing I’ve learned about myself is that you can always find more to give. It doesn’t matter how hard you work on a song or a performance, you can always find a way to make it more impactful, and I love that I get to learn something every day about how to improve in this business.

Emmet also shared how he enjoys helping charitable causes, and works with a couple where he lives in Las Vegas.

On charities, he loves and supports.

“Yes, I am proud and humbled to say I have been working with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and Sepsis Alliance since I was in high school. Both of these charities have a special place in my heart!”

On the Sepsis Alliance and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Both, the Sepsis Alliance and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation have aimed to help those in need have greater odds of surviving with a critical illness. And PCG magazine loves a good cause, it’s great to hear that Daniel Emmet has taken the opportunity to work with both charities.

That’s what makes Daniel shine, he’s not afraid to try, he has a big heart and he’s extremely talented.

It’s no surprise Emmet is able to learn a song in 1-hour and new skills daily. That’s how artists grow that’s why his journey is valuable.

On who he would love to tour with in the future.

Artists tend to look up to someone who may have taught them something of value. We wanted to know who Daniel Emmet would want to tour given the opportunity.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!

“Adele. She is such a tremendous artist. Her songwriting and her performance are stunning, moving, emotional, and her personality and heart come through the microphone every time she sings. I would be able to learn so much from her.”

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Honestly, I could see “Daniel Emmet and Adele,” on tour on a big sponsor sign (haha). These two would make quite the duo on tour, don’t you think?

On his favorite food and restaurants.

Finally, we knew Daniel could sing, we learned about his journey and now was time to learn a little about his personality and asked what his favorite restaurant is to eat a fancy dinner?

“ Yamashiro Hollywood. The food was incredible, and the atmosphere and views are unparalleled.

On his favorite films and film characters.

Ladies, this man has taste as well! And when it comes to his favorite movie and film character, he likes classics!

James Bond, I love all the movies in the franchise, but if I had to choose one, it would be Goldfinger. An absolute classic.


Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Emmet talks AGT, charity and more!
America’s Got Talent 2018 | Daniel Emmet | Photo by: | Trae Patton/NBC |

On childhood memories.

Childhood is the one thing that will always be with us as we grow older, and we asked about his favorite childhood memory.

Especially now that I live in a desert, something I’ll always cherish are my memories of cutting down Christmas trees with my family when I was younger. It’s simple, but its special, and not everyone lives in a place where you can do that.”

On something unique to his family.

And he even shared a little something unique to his family.

“It may not be unique, but my Grandma makes the world’s best meatballs, and she taught me how to make them, so that’s a recipe that’s really special to me.

On his favorite singer.

Last but not least, his favorite singer of all time is the one and only…

“Celine Dion”

There’s no doubt, Daniel Emmet is truly an amazing act to have on America’s Got Talent. The acts are intensifying and we know Emmet is here for the win, we can’t wait to see what the rest of his AGT journey. 

Considering he’s made it so far, we’re sending all the love and positive vibes in the world. As a matter of fact, we think he might just win  America’s Got Talent 2018!

What do you guys think about Daniel Emmet? Sound off and check out his audition and acts below!

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Blessed be!

Daniel Emmet BEFORE America’s Got Talent 2018.

About Daniel Emmet from America's Got Talent 2018
About Daniel Emmet!

Daniel Emmet is a powerhouse multilingual vocalist, with a range of musical expression that crosses the genres of Pop and Opera in a most remarkable and authentic way.

He’s the cutie from Rochester, NY. 

Despite living in New York, he made it to Las Vegas when he was 15-years-old. 

He began taking voice lessons soon after moving to his new home.

Consequently, it was then that he discovered how powerful the universal language of music can be! And eventually, Daniel went on to earn an undergraduate degree in vocal performance.

After college he was ready to connect with audiences around the nation, sharing his deep love affair with music and many took notice.

On his work in Las Vegas.

In fact, Daniel Emmet has received phenomenal feedback from high-profile talent including Barry Lather, he’s a writer, choreographer, producer.

He’s worked with Usher, Carrie Underwood, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Prince, and Michael Jackson.

After hearing Daniel he was absolutely amazed by his talent.

“I have never worked with a talent quite like Daniel. His voice, diversity and energy is amazing.” He continued. Truly a one of a kind talent and entertainer. The sky is the limit with his powerful voice and unique skills!!!”

Further, Jerry Williams who is the Music Director for the “Donny & Marie Show,” felt he had stardom from day one.

“Daniel Emmet has all the qualities of superstardom— the talent, the discipline—along with the ‘hidden factor’ that completely sets him apart.” He shared adding “In a media world saturated with choices—Daniel is in a league of his own—the top stratosphere.”

Entertainment Reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal reviewed Daniel several times and described him as “spellbinding.” 

John Katsilometes an entertainment reporter for Las Vegas Review-Journal is proud to see Daniel following his dreams as he’s one who has seen many of Emmet’s performances in Las Vegas.

“I’ve seen Daniel perform many times and it’s spellbinding. Daniel Emmet, a bona-fide emerging star in this city.”

As for KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas in NV, they are just as impressed.

“A rising star captivates Las Vegas with just his voice.”

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about Daniel Emmet you can visit his official social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and his official website.

Lastly, use these hashtags, especially if you’re a fan. It will help support Daniel Emmet on his America’s Got Talent journey (#TEAMDANIELEMMET #VOTE4DANIEL). 

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