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Anthony Vincent: How Actors fight in films!

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Anthony Vincent: How Actors fight in films!

There is one expert in Hollywood that has been able to produce some of the best fight scenes we’ve seen in films today, Anthony Vincent. And he’s got the skills to make any scene look authentic!

Anthony Vincent: How Actors fight in films!
Anthony Vincent: How Actors fight in films!

Have you ever wondered how actors fight so well in movies? Well, it takes a lot of practice and a very talented stunt coördinator, Anthony Vincent to get the job done.

Anthony Vincent is best known for his work on The Bourne Legacy (2012), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). But he’s also known as one of the best stunt coordinators in the industry.

“One thing that I learned from my dad, he was an actor, is ‘what motivates the character, why is he fighting, what’s the ultimate goal. He continued. “The second steps is what is the shooting style? Do they like to hold shots wide? Do they like to do insert shots, flash cuts, because that will help me know whether I have to have a flow of moves or if it’s going to be cut in snippets and shoot.”

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I mean, in any case, it’s important to know the set, the characters, the director’s goals and overall vision of the film in order to get some nice fight scenes.

Either way, check out what he had to say below about teaching actors to fight in films. Vincent even gives some pretty great examples of how he approaches the situation on set. And it’s certainly one aspect of the film which doesn’t get talked about a lot, so, be sure to check it out, in any case, you’ll learn something new, no doubt.

Who knows, you could even take this approach in your next film. Sound off in the comments below. How do you do your fight scenes? And if you’re enjoying the positive vibes, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity Newsletter, that way you can stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news! 

Blessed be!

Anthony Vincent: How Actors fight in films!





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