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Salt Lake City: FanX 2018! The PCG experience and review!

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Salt Lake City: FanX 2018! The PCG experience and review!

FanX brings you celebrities, comic creators, photo opportunities, autographs, authors, amazing cosplayers, panels, merchandise, workshops, and special events.

Salt Lake City: FanX 2018! Full Review, pics and more!
Salt Lake City: FanX 2018! Full Review, pics and more!

Visiting FanX might have been a first for us here at PCG magazine. But it’s not going to be our last. All three days was an absolute blast.

As FanX 2018 came to a wrap, cosplayers stepped up their game. The last day at FanX 2018 was unforgettable. Many had designed such intricate costumes, even some that made your head turn but at the end of the day, everyone did their best to be crafty and have a lot of fun at the Salt Palace.

When did FanX Begin?

The first Salt Lake Comic Con was held September 5-7, 2013 and was filled with some great high-profile celebrities including Adam West, Stan Lee and William Shatner.

During the first year, over 70,000 people were in attendance at the Salt Lake Comic Convention. In fact, the convention has come a long way since 2013. It’s the first year Cosplayers from around the country are traveling to the Salt Palace Convention. And organizers mentioned it’s the first year they’ve been able to expand on bringing new celebrities to Salt Lake City’s FanX. 

Despite bumpy events earlier this year, FanX did all possible to solve past situations. The highly anticipated convention actually had a boost over the three days, pulling about 110,000 people during the final hours of FanX on Saturday.

They pulled ahead of 2016 and 2017 numbers.

Bryan Brandenburg opened up about the FanX 2018 and it’s performance this year.

“The joke is that ‘flat is the new black’ in the convention industry, so for us to be ahead of our previous two years with the name change and everything else, we’re feeling pretty good.”

The popular arts convention was forced to make a name change due to a trademark dispute. Regardless (of this), they were able to come out on top with a great year, unforgettable memories, panels, cosplayers, and workshops.

I mean, it was really hands-on and that makes everything fun. Every celebrity there made the cosplayers and their fans feel involved and connected.

Most importantly, this was PCG magazine’s first FanX and we’re planning on going back, the panels, the celebrities, the overall vibe was all love. And that’s exactly how a Comic Convention should be, the whole team did an amazing job.


Twisted Toonz at FanX 2018

PCG magazine started the day by hitting up Twisted Toonz (Day2), which was so much fun, they grabbed Beauty and The Beast and read the script out loud in a panel with different voice-over actors using voices from our favorite TV shows and films. In Fact, one of their choices was Tommy Pickles from Nickelodeon’s “Rugrats,” and Eric Cartman from “South Park,” and it was hilarious.

Celebrities at Twisted Toonz included Elizabeth Daily, David Hener, Charlie Adler, Laraine Newman (Saturday Night Live’s original cast member), Jess Harder, and a few special guests, including a Vic Mignogna.

If you have never seen “Twisted Toonz,” at FanX, be sure to add it to your list, you won’t regret watching Twisted Toonz (keeping in mind that since it is “Twisted Toons,” be aware that there it’s a PG-ish panel). 

Twisted Toonz – FanX 2018


Walking FanX 2018

Next, we decided to check out the art and of course, the amazing cosplay costumes. But I had to make one stop and that was to buy either Cloud’s Buster Sword or Link’s Master Sword. Luckily, I was able to find both the “Master Sword,” and Link’s “Hylian Shield.” 

Okay, you’ve got to geek out with me here for a second, I mean, I’ve already hung them in my living room. Altogether, it was a fun experience, there were so many cosplayers who dressed up and they did an amazing job. PCG magazine did our best to get pictures with as many of them as possible. The FanX album will be available below.

Among the awesome gear you can buy, there are endless booths with custom gamer remotes, paintings, POPs and so much more. There was talent surrounding every inch of The Salt Palace. And the entertainment is endless, you’re walking, taking pictures with other cosplayers, finding your favorite collectibles and basically, creating unforgettable memories with those you cherish and bond, geeking out with your new gear.

And who doesn’t like meeting celebrities?

What FanX means to Dan Farr

The co-founder of FanX Dan Farr opened up about the fans at his event and he’s proud.

“The reason why we can do this, and why we get in the best celebrities around, is because we have the best fans around,” KSL revealed.

Lilly and Tennant are two guests they’ve been trying to attract to Salt Lake since the beginnings start of FanX. And judging the reactions of some of the fans, cosplayers were excited that were able to attend.

“To be able to get them there this time — it’s a big deal.”

Isn’t that the truth? I mean, the proof is there, everyone who came had an amazing time and this year beats an old record (that’s what’s up). 

Deadpool on Stage

Another one of our favorite moments is one we were able to capture and Deadpool made sure to make love to our camera while dancing on stage and with the audience. It was such a good time, starting off with a song from NYSNC and moving into some fun break-dancing. And there were some great dancers in that audience who were not afraid of the FanX stage!

FanX 2018 | PCG magazine experience. | Salt Lake City FanX 2018 |

Did you attend FanX 2018? Let us know what you thought of the convention this year in the comments below! And don’t forget, if you’re enjoying the positive vibes, you can subscribe to our positive celebrity newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news.

Blessed be!

FanX 2018

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