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Deadpool 3 in development! 

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Deadpool 3 in development!

Deadpool 3 in development! 
Deadpool 3 in development! 

There’s some fun news for all Deadpool fans. There’s been speculation that Deadpool 3 is in development.

The film is rumored to involve a popular member from X-Men mythos and X-Force.

The writers for Deadpool three are Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. They are both extremely talented writers who have current films optioned and in development.

Rob Liefeld is currently filming Bird of Steel. And in case you didn’t know he has also worked on the Deadpool, Deadpool 2 film as a writer (uncredited), as well as Deadpool The Musical: Beauty and the Beast Gaston Parody, Titans and other fun TV shorts and films.

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Fabian Nicieza has quite the list of work under his name as well including Ultimate Spider-Man, Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race, X-Men and Legion.

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