Zara Larsson: “Ruin My Life,” inspires.

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Zara Larsson: “Ruin My Life,” inspires.

Zara Larsson: "Ruin My Life," inspires
Photo: Zara Larsson Instagram

Zara Larsson is a Swedish pop singer. And she dropped her new music video for “Ruin My Life.” 

Did you know that Zara Larsson is only 20-years-old? Although this might be true, she has released two chart-topping albums and always loved music. Larsson has been singing for over ten years. She’s also preparing to drop a new album. 

The music video for “Ruined My Life,” has so much creativity and while she explained to PAPER it’s not a “fairytale romance.” 

“Ruin My Life” may not be the perfect fairytale romance that we have come to expect in pop but it is for exactly that reason that the song hits all the more closer to home. “I think we’ve all been there at one point in our lives,”

Regardless, the audience can relate to the music. In fact, if you haven’t heard “Ruin My Life,” scroll on down and check out the music video. And be sure to check out her exclusive interview with PAPER because there’s some inspirational and thought-provoking meaning behind all music. 

Zara opened up to PAPER about “Ruin My Life,” and how relatable love can be for each person, even if you are in different situations.  

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Blessed be! 

Zara Larsson – The Meaning of “Ruin My Life”

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