Ellie Goulding helping the homeless. Encouraging others to take action!

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Ellie Goulding helping the homeless. Encouraging others to take action!

Ellie Goulding helping the homeless

Ellie Goulding helping the homeless this 2019 year is warming the hearts of many and inspiring them as well. 

The holidays are upon us and while it might be one of the best seasons for most people. A majority of people feel depression, sadness, ignored and to sum up, lonely. Christmas isn’t about what you have under the tree. It’s about helping others smile by giving more and taking less.

Ellie Goulding helped set that example through all her interaction with charity crisis and those who have significantly less due to unfortunate circumstances. Goulding was seen at one of charity crises in London over the weekend. And she’s speaking up about the government and their effort to address take action.

“Really it does need to come from the top, from the Government. There needs to be more of a political force.”

Crisis estimates that more than 170,000 families and individuals in the UK are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness, including people living on the streets, those who sofa-surf and sleep in cars and on public transport.

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It’s saddening to see so many people struggle, even outside the holiday season.

Ellie Goulding helping the homeless

Ellie Goulding encourages us to take action in helping the less fortunate!
The fact is, we should constantly help those around us that we feel may need it. We as citizens should speak up to the government about homelessness, just as you would for the legalization of marijuana or changes in healthcare laws.

It’s our voices that truly make a change. And getting out there to interact with those who face the struggles of homelessness is the most important aspect. We have the instinct of survival and that includes human interaction.

Being able to laugh, feel understood, loved and accepted just as you would a family member can make someone’s whole day change from bad to good. In fact, there’s a great example that comes to mind, when a stranger smiles at you, how does it make you feel?

Celebrities helping the less fortunate are inspiring!

Goulding opened up to Sky News giving examples of how we can further help the homeless or those struggling with poverty.

 Ellie Goulding encourages us to take action in helping the less fortunate!
Ellie Goulding helping the homeless

“If you see someone on the street that’s cold, anything you can offer them, an umbrella or a blanket or coat, but just that exchange and taking the time to stop and talk to someone, ask their name – sometimes they might not want to talk but if they do, do that.” she shared.

“Obviously, change and food does help too, but honestly, taking the time to show that you’ve noticed them … So many get ignored.”

It’s great to see talent get out there and truly make a difference. And it’s even better when it sends such a positive trickle effect on those who admire them and even you, as you read this piece.

Don’t you feel there is more that can be done to help others survive? There’s no doubt Ellie Goulding helping the homeless is inspirational.

If there’s anything I learned in life in my 28-years of living–love everyone just as you would someone in your family.

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Huge shout out to Ellie Goulding and all individuals who go above and beyond every day to make someone smile, volunteer in their community and truly try to make a positive impact in the world.

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Blessed be.

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