Family Tradition act different for us all.

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Family Tradition act different for us all.

The whole world has different traditions when it comes to either celebrating the holidays or simply spending time with their family because vacation time has hit.

Whatever has brought you together, appreciate it because it’s the best gift in the world.

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Time is absolutely priceless. It’s the one thing we don’t get back in the world. And one of the most precious gifts you can give your family, friends and those who support you in other ways through life.

Family: This might be “common sense,” but family is key. There are times when family doesn’t always act as great as they should but we all have that friend we call a “brother,” or “sister,” from another mother–appreciate them endlessly, they are like diamonds but better.

Love: What’s more to be said about the action? Show it, endlessly and to everyone possible, even if they don’t treat you the same, it’s okay, you can be the bigger person. In fact, over time it’s become evident that doing so is a great way for spiritual and emotional growth.

Peace: Having peace during the holidays is different for each person. For example, spending a fun night playing games with family, giggling with the children or simply pampering yourself in a bath that smells like candy canes and holiday cookies.

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Simply put, give more than you recieve, it’s quite fulfilling.
Faith: This is huge for many people during the holiday seasons. And whether you believe or not, it’s important to respect all faiths. Jesus is huge for many around the world and if that’s what makes you smile, remember all he did for you, remember all the important miracles he has brought your life.

Remember loved ones:

The holiday season isn’t always easy, while you may get to visit with family members still with us, there are those who have passed onto the afterlife.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s comforting to take that time to talk about the good memories, laugh, share stories as a family and be thankful the memories you’re creating now.

Being thankful:

Love your crazy drunk uncle, your Betty White twin of a grandma and get into character with them if you have too, it’s a perfect time to joke around and laughing is great for your health.

Family Tradition

As a family, we love to cook a delicious Romanian dinner, sit together, eat, talk and play Canasta.

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We should all have the strength to push aside anxieties and see people who will one day, no longer be with us on the Earth.

That being said, spend time with families, heal relationships and if you have to do so, be the bigger person.

Oh man, there was this time when my siblings and I would play go in the dark hide and seek.

During the year 1990 they had awesome “kushes,” they were similar to hack sacks and kids held them to lights, turned off the lights and all you saw was a harry, glowing ball (haha).

And we would throw it while it was blacked out and try to “tag,” someone else.

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Then there was the whole running outside before midnight and building snowmen, having snowball fights and just being kids.

What is your family tradition?

We would love to hear all of them, traditions are a beautiful part of our world, as we have such a wide cultural mix. Learning about others and showing respect to their beliefs is one step up when it comes to being a good friend or citizen, unless it’s hurting someone, love them the very same as you would your own tradition.

That’s the one thing we have in common, memories with those we love. That’s family tradition.

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Blessed be!

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