2018’s best love songs mashup by Mario Spinetti is perfect!

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2018’s best love songs mashup by Mario Spinetti is perfect!

“2018 Love Song Mashup” 💞
Four of the biggest hits of 2018, worlds apart in style, but with a similar message of love.
I hope you enjoy this #Drake – #PostMalone – #LadyGaga -#Maroon5 medley!”
– m

Mario Spinetti is best known as a soloist musician and vocalist. He delivers music in such a magical way, creating a sound that sends chills down your spine. And he’s just dropped another amazing video where he sings a mashup of 2018’s love songs.

Spinetti opened up in an exclusive PCG interview and talked about his sound. He shared:

“I do try to present … a complexity with the sound, and to address human complexity with the sound of all those pieces … so … some of them will deal with sexuality as well … I’m of the firm belief that you can present something sensual and sexual and it can also feel spiritual and almost religious. So a lot of folks will listen to the music and say, ‘Oh, there’s almost a spiritual “church” or “angelic” quality to it, but at the same time it’s very “human” and “bodied”.’ I guess you could say …there’s a lot of sensuality and sexuality in some of those pieces as well. And again, to that I always say, ‘Yes!’ Because those two things personally exist with me to a large extent, and I know that it’s a massive issue for people who are spiritual thinkers, or religious people who also have to grapple with their sexuality … and they think it’s either/or… and … it can’t be both, but … what I try to do with my sound is to say ‘No, it can be both … there is divinity in sexuality, and there is probably sexuality in divinity … and I try to present that as well.”

In fact, if you find yourself on his official Instagram page, you will scroll through many different renditions, each one making you feel a specific way. And each person listening in has a unique experience.

2018 may have come to an end but music lives on and continues to touch our souls. Check out his new video below.

There’s no doubt, Mario Spinetti is great producing harmonious sounds. Be sure to follow his Instagram and let us know what you thought of his 2018 love song mashup in the comments below!

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Blessed be.

Mario Spinetti: 2018 Love Song Mashup

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“2018 Love Song Mashup” 💞 Full uncut performance on YouTube! With Love, m @drake #drake #inmyfeelings @postmalone #postmalone @ladygaga #ladygaga #astarisborn @maroon5 @adamlevine #maroon5 #girlslikeyou #adamlevine

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