Taylor Swift 2018 Reputation Stadium Tour Netflix Special was fantastic!

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Taylor Swift 2018 reputation Stadium Tour Netflix Special was fantastic!

The Taylor Swift 2018 reputation Stadium Tour was a pure success!

Swift’s performance in Dallas was unforgettable as she stood on a 150 foot tall stage. In fact, that’s the largest stage Taylor has performed on, it’s no wonder the whole set was on-point. Moreso, this was Taylor’s first Stadium Tour, which she opened up about on stage in Dallas.

“This is the first tour. Nobody has ever played back-to-back nights at this stadium before. Thank you guys.”

What a great way to wrap up the Taylor Swift 2018 reputation Stadium Tour, no doubt.

Swift also opened up about her song “All Too Well,” from her album “Red.”

“It’s weird because I feel like this song has two lives to it in my brain,” she tells the crowd “In my brain, there’s the life of this song where this song was borne out of catharsis and venting and trying to get over something and understand it and process it. She continued. “And then there’s the life where it went out in the world, and you turned this song into something completely different for me. You turned this song into a collage of memories of watching you scream the words to this song or seeing pictures you post to me of you having written the words of the song in your diary or you showing me your wrists and you have the tattoo of the lyrics of this song underneath your skin. And that is how you’ve changed the song ‘All Too Well’ for me.”

She even had snakes take over the stage, we assume to mock the haters that sit and call her a “snake.”

The video included some amazing visuals along with a mashup of Swift progressing over the years. Snakes were a huge part of her set, even her microphone had awesome detail!

During the set the gorgeous 29-year-old singer stepped on stage and gave a heart warming talk to all of her fans in the crowd before singing “Delicate.”

Swift opens up about the fear and anxiety that surrounds having a bad reputation, a nod to the name of her album and tour.

“Having a bad reputation in our mind could get in the way of finding real friendship, real love, real acceptance, people you really fit in with,” she tells the crowd. “All of us are sort of afraid of having a bad reputation because we’re so scared of something fake, like gossip, or a rumor about you or a name you got called getting in the way of you finding something real.”

Isn’t that the truth though? Fear and anxiety can hold us back from reaching our true potential but we don’t have to let the words of another destroy us.

Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams perform together, check it out!

Sometimes we really get dragged in the dirt because we are worried about our reputations due to some made up rumor, mind you, made up by people who know nothing about you and your life. As for Taylor Swift, that’s the paps but it’s still very relatable.

How many times have you found yourself anxious to attend school or hang out with friends because you had a disagreement with another and you were worried about what was said in regards to you and your actual actions during that situation. Further, Swift just proved we shouldn’t give a crap what people say about us behind our backs, at the end of the day, we know the truth and we know what we deserve.

Swift was real and down to earth, her dancer handed her a tissue and then she turned around to blow her nose. I mean, for real, she’s human and that’s the best part of seeing your favorite artist live in person. The fact that she took time to talk to her fans, give words inspiring words to never forget and thanking them for all their inspiration.

The whole set had a lot of emotion and meaning, to start we see negative reports about T-dawg and then when it’s time to wrap up we see a very happy Taylor skipping and at peace with her life and reputation.

What a priceless experience at the Taylor Swift 2018 reputation Stadium Tour and I can only imagine how it felt to be on that stage, singing your heart out for your family, friends and fans.

If you haven’t seen her Netflix special yet, you’ve got to check it out. And if you were able to attend her show, we’d love to hear your experience, did you have a blast? Some fans even made it onto the Netflix special, we’ve seen your handsome/beautiful faces!

Oh and mad shout-out to Taylor for walking through the crowd to see her fans up close and personal, that’s what being grateful looks like in case some people forgot.

Sound off in the comments below!

Blessed be!

[Image Credit: Taylor Swift Instagram].

Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour – Trailer

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

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Seriously, that is one great show!
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