Michael Jackson found not guilty, his recent exploitation is inconsistent!

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Michael Jackson found not guilty, his recent exploitation is inconsistent!

Michael Jackson found not guilty, yet he’s still paying the price for wrongful accusations, all at his and his families expense. It’s wrong to take advantage of people, regardless of where they stand in life.

Seriously, Michael Jackson had to face one of the worst accusations a person can face, particularly, those in the limelight. In fact, it’s been more over 13-years since his news flooding trial.

The 2005 child molestation trial ended with the legendary singer being found not guilty of all charges by a 12-person jury.

Since then Michael has found himself under some of the worst public scrutiny. The suspicions rose until the day of his death in 2009.

After more than a decade, the FBI has not found anything to change the original ruling of Jackson being, in fact, not guilty. This includes finding Arvizo’s testimony at trial suspicious, regardless of him being 15-years-old at the time.

Paulina Coccoz was one of the 12 jurors at the time. She shared how he didn’t seem “distraught,” enough for a person who had been previously molested.

“He didn’t seem as distraught as you would think somebody who’d been molested would be,” Cocco shared.

Alongside Coccoz, the jury felt that Arvizo’s demeanor wasn’t fitting to the personality of someone who had been hiding the truth.

For example, Melissa Herard, who was also part of the 12 jurors at the time, asked for those investigating to pay close attention to Arvizo’s smirk during the police interview. The unforgettable smirk appeared after he accused Jackson of kissing him on the lips. Overall, Herard found the accusation unconvincing of someone who was kissed against their own will.

First, the jury was quite divided but after the 12 jurors voted, nine went with the choice of Jackson being innocent, while only three believed he was actually guilty. Further, and with more investigation, that changed by the end of the trial.

When a case of abuse comes up with a name you’ve associated closely to love, kindness and talent, it’s hard to not go with the media. And at the time the media wanted nothing more important than getting a “guilty verdict.” Additionally, after the verdict showing Michael Jackson was not guilty, the news lost control and did what they do best, create clickbait.

Many were convinced Michael Jackson had committed the crimes, further leading them to feel angry that the jurors did not find Michael Jackson guilty.

Of course, those who lie will always want “justice,” to prove their innocence. And they will go to lengths to receive the attention they feel was deserved.

Now, we are in no way saying that those have been through sexual abuse are lying. That’s absolutely not the case and this happens right under our noses. The actions of those who do commit sexual acts without consent need to be taken care of and I’ll be real, I’m not opposed to castration of offenders who molest children.

This is just me being real.

Those who lie for attention really make it harder for those of us who do try to speak out. When one is found lying after a sex accusation it’s embarrassing not only for them but for real victims.

Along with that, we are not saying for a fact that these victims are lying. The only real people there were Michael and those two. But after being found not guilty, knowing what a genuine man Michael was, it’s hard to believe.

And yes, the law is not perfect. But if all you want is justice, why make a movie about it years later? Could it be for fame? Money? We don’t truly know and likely will never know for a fact.

In light of this, the Sundance Film Festival has added quite the attacking documentary to their world premiere called “Leaving Neverland,” which deeply focuses on sexual abuse allegations against the late pop star Michael Jackson.

The film was produced and directed by Dan Reed. Further, the documentary describes (in assumption) how Jackson “created,” relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10, including their families.

Now, the two, in their 30s claim that they were sexually abused by Jackson in spite of the past official ruling of “Michael Jackson found not guilty.”  The two discuss how they came to terms with the alleged abuse years later into adulthood.

Truthfully, and with no disrespect, we still feel Michael Jackson is not guilty. There are people who use the “Me Too,” movement to their advantage and that in turn, makes those of us who tell the truth look like liars.

TJ Jackson has opened up against the allegations made against Michael Jackson.

“It will always be a flaw of humanity to cheat and exploit a beloved popular figure for personal gain. Do know the main actors involved swore under oath of my uncle’s innocence. What’s changed? The need for $. I feel terrible for my uncle & my cousins. They are the true victims.”

Nailed it, don’t you agree?

There will always be that flaw. There are many people in the world who will stoop to the lowest levels to “survive,” and attempt to exploit money out of as many people as they can, including those who will pay to see the film and it’s accusations.

As a result, the Jackson family has to suffer immensely.

Representatives for the Jackson estate summed up the whole situation with one sentence.

“This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson.”

There is no reason for this case to come back years later, especially because it was found that Michael Jackson is not guilty.

Why can we not let the late pop star rest in peace? Why can’t we talk about how he was murdered due to jealousy? What about a further investigation on who wanted him accused and why?

Regardless, Michael, Paris, TJ, and the rest of his family do not deserve this type of attention again, it’s completely uncalled for and pathetic. But we don’t have to reward pathetic, simply, don’t go see the film.

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Blessed be.

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Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
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