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California Strong celebrity charity softball game raises money for fire and shooting victims!

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California Strong celebrity softball game raises money for fire and shooting victims!

The very first California Strong celebrity softball game was played in Malibu.

It was created with an effort to raise money for California locals who were impacted by quite a few tragedies.

California incidents

  • The Borderline Bar and Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. 12 lives lost but never forgotten.
  • Camp Fire in Northern California burned 150,00 acres, 12,500 homes were lost and 81 people passed. Many were reported unaccounted for, in fact, the list reached a high of 1,276 people
  • Southern California also had the Woolsey Fire which burned 98,000 acres, 600 homes were lost and 3 people passed.

There are so many lives that have forever been affected by these tragic events.

However, the love has spread to California from all over the world. And celebrities even put in effort in the hopes of helping those affected.

The charity event, California Strong had high-profile celebrities including Adam Sandler, Jamie, Foxx, Rainn Wilson, Mira Sorvino, Dennis Rodman, Brad Paisley, Charlie Sheen, Robin Thicke, Rob Riggle, Matt Leinart, Reggie Miller, Justin Turner, Baker Mayfield, professional baseball players Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun, and Mike Moustakas, Rams Quarterback, Jared Goff, joined with the Southeast Ventura County YMCA to create California Strong.

Justin Bieber continues to help Manchester victims! Check it out!

Above all, the California Strong charity event set a great example to the world. Always lend helping hand to those in need.

Further, you can even have fun doing so, it’s all about love.

We need more love in the world and this event shows the good side of Hollywood.

It’s these things that truly matter about our favorite celebrities. This is who they are and they show it by taking action.

PCG magazine couldn’t be prouder of everyone who took part in planning and participating in the California Strong charity event.

California Strong had one goal and it was to make a difference.

The California strong celebrity charity has complete devotion in helping people now and the future.

“California Strong will encompass a number of fundraising campaigns to ensure maximum exposure and participation in support of those in need both now, and for months and years to come. In addition to our peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, we will also be launching an online auction, hosting a Celebrity Softball game at Pepperdine University, and we are in discussions with the Staples Center to also host a benefit concert.

With the support of professional athletes, actors and musicians alike, we seek to promote a united front as we help countless people in need to rebuild and thrive. Since launching, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have expressed interest in joining our team. Our hope is to create a large team of influential people to create a viral campaign, all benefiting those in need in CA.

Thanks to our partnership with the Southeast Ventura County YMCA, donations to California Strong are 100% tax deductible with 100% of the proceeds of this campaign going directly to those in need.”

It’s great to see people in the world team up and make an honest and positive difference in the world. Especially when it’s a person you truly look up too as a role model.

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Blessed be!

California Strong: Celebs Play Softball For Great Causes!

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Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
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