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When poker turns to charity!

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When poker turns to charity!

True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.
-Emanuel Swedenborg

When is it that you join a Poker table and expect a huge win to turn into a kind gesture for charity?

It’s not often that you see a person win big and donate their winnings to charity. After all, most gamblers are in it to win it, right?

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament is held annually at Atlantis casino in the Bahamas. That’s exactly when 67-year-old Scott WellenBach left many speechless. The buy-in for the “Main Event,” was $10,000.

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Wellenbach works freelance and works as a translator of Tibetan and Sanskrit Buddhist writing. In fact, buying-in wasn’t a problem at all WellenBach. Further, he placed 3rd in the Main Event, winning $671,240.

However, most importantly, he astonished the poker community after he donated his winnings.

Despite the temptation to take home the money and live a comfortable life, Wellenburg had a better and selfless idea, as a result, he earned the nickname “The People’s Hero.”

Indeed, he’s a practicing Buddist.

“I suppose I rationalize it by giving my winnings away to charity,” he shared with BBC, adding that his good fortune will benefit various Buddhist causes as well as Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders. “Poker gives you a tremendous opportunity to work with the heavens and hells of your mind.”

Positive Celebrity News learned that this was not Wllenbach’s first time donating money. For instance, his previous win of $72,176 was also philanthropic.

Poker News spoke to Scott Wellenbach.

“On dinner break of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, Jeff Platt caught up with Scott Wellenbach, one of the big stacks with just 27 players remaining. A player who would put a payday towards a great cause.

Wellenbach, an online qualifier, plans to donate 100% of his winnings to charity. He’s still in the process of deciding which organizations he’d give the money to, but the potential looms of a $1,567,100 donation.

He’s notched a major score before, finishing 17th in the 2017 PokerStars Championship: Barcelona Main Event, for more than $72,000. Yes, he gave all of it away. “

We often hear it said, “give more than you take.”

For this reason, it’s inspiring to see people are willing to push forward with their charitable efforts. In fact, Barry Greenstein became known after giving away huge percentages of his tournament winnings.

For example, he donated $8 million to charity and was even named “The Robin Hood of Poker.” And in 2007, “The Shadow,” he won a whopping $8,250,000 at the World Series of Poker, he left [in his will] 10 percent of his wealth to charities focused on helping sick children.

Scott Wellenbach Gives All the Money Away

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