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Colin Farrell will be stepping into a virtual reality series Gloomy Eyes!

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Colin Farrell will be stepping into a virtual reality series Gloomy Eyes!

The virtual reality film leaves you in a gloomy world, are you ready?

“Woodland City has been plunged into a perpetual night for ten years now due to the experiments of a mysterious priest. This man’s madness engendered to Gloomy, a half-human, a half-zombie child who lives away from everyone else in the forest. How do you find your place when you’re not entirely dead, nor entirely alive, and when, in spite of your better instincts, you can’t manage to control your need for human flesh?”

Variety did an exclusive interview with Farrell and talked “Gloomy Eyes.”

“Anything that invokes a sense of magic and total immersion is worth gold, and it was amazing to be a part of the vision Fernando and Jorge created in Gloomy Eyes,” Farrell said. “It’s a completely transportive and beautiful experience, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and really connected with my passion of storytelling.”

“Gloomy Eyes” is co-directed by Jorge Tereso best known for “Shave it,” as well as Fernando Maldonado. The film is produced by France’s Atlas V and 3dar. Further, it’s co-produced by Ryot, Arte and HTC Vive.

The directors opened up about “Gloomy Eyes.”

We live in a contradictory dark world and we love it anyways. Walls are coming up every day and there’s a lot of rejection of what’s different. When there’s a lot of darkness around it’s easier to find the light,” they shared. “The world we imagined in ‘Gloomy Eyes’ shows the darkest side of humanity. But we balance it with the hope that two little kids bring in their eyes. To love what’s different will bring harmony once again.”

In fact, launched in late 2017, Atlas V attended Sundance last year with an episode of “Spheres,” an interactive journey inspired by the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” image of Earth.

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Gloomy Eyes (2019) – Trailer (International)

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