Polo G: Drops Battle Cry Official video. Check it out!

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Polo G: Drops Battle Cry Official video. Check it out!

Polo G: Drops Battle Cry Official video. Check it out!

Nathaniel Thomas Wilson known best by his stage name Polo G just dropped his highly anticipated song “Battle Cry,” music video. The new jam was produced by JTK & DJAYO and the video credits go to Ryan Lynch.

He recently took to Instagram to share his new video with his family, friends and fans.

@polo.capalot: Lil Polo G From Outta Chicago On 🔥 Second video Ta Go Top #5 in trending & I jus Did A Mill in A Day I remember Poppin champagne fa gettin my FIRST mill in 4months😭dats Shit gave me motivation ta do shit like Dis #NevaloseSight #DieALegend onnaway🏆🏆🏆 #linkinbio

Music has always been an important part of Polo G’s life. In fact, music became an outlet for him to cope after violent losses of several family and friends.

Polo G: Drops Battle Cry Official video. Check it out!

Fan’s have been super pumped for the new jam. Leaving supportive comments on the new YouTube video.

“BlackySpeakz: I’m hearing a lot of passion in Polo’s voice. Don’t ever lose it bro! Been bumping your music non-stop these past few days, you’re a star in the making! 💯⭐️”

Another user couldn’t wait to for this song to drop.

“LTG.Dreamz: When I heard this snippet months ago I use to check every single day waiting for this song to drop .. polo has easily made it to my favorite rapper KEEP THE GRIND UP !!!!”

One user on Instagram left some major love to the rapper.

brotha_b1988: You deserve more if you ask me.. Not to many people can speak about where they from and it feels genuine… You def have what it takes to have your name up on them billboards chart.. ❗🔥💪

Mac Miller: The legacy he left with family, friends, and fans.

The highly anticipated song is getting a lot of love on social media.

Who is Polo G?

Hard work pays off, isn’t it true? Polo G is a Chicago rising star.

He has put together some incredible music. Furthermore, he owns it with his attractive sound and visuals. As a result of his determination, he’s doing the very same for “Battle Cry.”

He opened up to Rolling Out about his music and life.

Tell us who you are and where you come from.

“I go by the name of Polo G and I’m from the near North Side of Chicago, the 1300 block of Hudson Avenue.”

What motivated you to become a rapper?

“I grew a strong passion for music. The more I did the music thing it’s like I saw myself going far with it. I believed in myself.”

What was the first song you recorded? How was that experience?

“The first song I ever recorded is called “ODA” it was a thrilling experience. I was scared and anxious when I stepped into the booth. The more comfortable I got the more I enjoyed it.”

If you haven’t seen his new music video, be sure to check it out below. And be sure to stay tuned for more positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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Blessed be!

Polo G – Battle Cry Official Video 🎥By Ryan Lynch Prod.By JTK & DJAYO

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