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Celebrities are just like you, here’s why!

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Celebrities are just like you, here’s why!

It’s true, celebrities are just like you, in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Let’s use the two newly weds that have dominated the headlines lately, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber.

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are two amazing people. In fact, that’s the keyword here, they are people as well not just celebrities.

Sadly, the majority of the world sees most stars on billboards, television, and magazines It almost makes people feel as if it’s a rare instance when bumping into them or even talking to them on social media.

It’s like seeing a bald eagle fly over your head. All you can think is you want to capture the moment. You can’t help it, that’s pretty special.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber reschedule for family, not drama!

Unfortunately, with celebrities it shouldn’t be this way. There’s no need for a trance. They are people, like you and I. They eat cereal, they watch TV, they have favorites and dislikes, most importantly, they are human and have emotions.

Living in the spotlight can have its drawbacks, it’s not always greener on the other side. Sure, you have money but can you go to the mall with your friends without being followed by the paparazzi?

Let’s be real, nobody likes being interrupted on their days off or during personal moments with your family and friends.

As we continue, we will continue to use Justin Bieber and Hailey as an example because the two have been at the top of headlines every day since getting married.

While you read eye-catching headlines “Justin Bieber working on marriage with Hailey Baldwin,” the two could be chilling on the couch just talking about life.

It’s such a “normal people,” thing to do right? Well, who would have thought…

You can continue to love and support your favorite talent but if you happen to see that Bald Eagle, don’t reach for your phone, rather, make conversation and talk about life. That’s one thing (if I was a celebrity) that would mean so much to me.

You hear “you’re amazing, I love you,” a million times a day. There’s no doubt, every celebrity appreciate your love but when they meet you it’s time to have an intimate connection and share whatever it might be that will make you both smile, it’s like that first conversation you had with your now, best friend.

There are ways you can show love to your artist on social media as well. I mean, Justin Bieber and Hails have a flooded feed of “I love you’s,” but what would happen if you just shared something funny that happened to you that day?

You’re more likely to look “normal and level headed.” Again, if I were a celebrity, I would respond to that comment because it opened room for conversation.

Send those positive vibes and don’t be afraid to share some open conversation starters.

Let’s be normal together.

Blessed be!

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