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Positive Celebrity film review: A Star is Born!

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Positive Celebrity Gossip film review: A Star is Born!

Where does one begin to explain Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (using Lady Gaga as her stage name) and Bradley Cooper’s film “A Star is Born?”

What happens when an established musician helps a young, insecure singer find fame? Jack may be battling addiction but he still put his heart into Ally

A musician helps a young singer find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Bradley Cooper and Germanotta take a love story from the 1970s and retell it, there are a total of five versions, honestly, this will likely remain at the top of ratings.

Between both Cooper and Ally, you get torn into emotion and the kind that truly relate, such as, addiction and insecurity. In fact, did you know that Bradley Cooper was the director for the film?

Further, we cannot forget the cinematography for A Star is Born. Matthew Libatique truly has an indescribable technique, his style helped drive the story and we’re super in love with his skills.

The cast and crew worked hard because the film had a phenomenal performance and continued to impress (me) as a viewer.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the film, it’s definitely one that will make you smile, cry and even take a look at your own life. As there is a lot to learn.

For example, we will use a small lesson from the show. Talent don’t want to be bombarded with cameras.

Celebrities are just like you, here’s why!

Have you ever thought about the past, there were far more meet and greets because it gave talent the time to really get to know their fans and sometimes, well, that turns to friendship.

Of course, that can never be guaranteed but it’s much funner to enjoy the present moment, I mean we look at videos on social media all day long.

Why pay for a ticket just to look at it through your phone?

Rotten Tomatoes has a large quantity of reviews but one in particular stood out to us, it was shared by a user named Sanjay Rema.

“This film aims to separate itself from other love stories using its music and the chemistry of its leads, both of which are good. Cooper shows off his acting chops and surprisingly decent singing voice, while Gaga shows off her singing voice and surprisingly decent acting chops. The story is poorly paced, and the jabs at pop music aren’t so subtle, but overall it works pretty well. It’s a good love story that also serves as a lesson on addiction, not only to drugs and alcohol but to the approval of others.”

Nailed it, don’t you think?

The chemistry between both Bradley and Stefani was perfect. Their emotions felt absolutely relatable.

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