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Crohn’s disease doesn’t have me, I have Crohn’s disease!

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Crohn’s disease doesn’t have me, I have Crohn’s disease!

Crohn’s disease sucks, get ready for a sound off and small health lesson, with a, hopefully, inspirational tone, okay okay…

Lets just cut to the chase, health does not discriminate against age, race, color or age. Eventually, we all have to face some type of health problem in life.

Right now, who else can relate to fighting their ass off to stay positive in extremely difficult situations? Whatever the situation, it’s hard to keep your head up and not fall into the hole that is depression.

For example, when I was officially diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, it wasn’t scary, I finally had a name to “something,” doctors couldn’t find, as labs always came back normal. Then, when the pain was worsening, a wonderful GI (Dr. Radwin), diagnosed me with c.diff.

C.diff is an extremely contagious gut infection, causing the patient pain, loss of fluids, inflamed tissue within their intestinal tract.

The infection can tear a person from positive to negative rather quickly because many times, first line treatments do not kill this super spore.

Damn evil little infection, usually c.diff is a poor competitor against the normal gut flora. Unfortunately, if you take antibiotics you are at risk for catching the infection.

The numbers have been rising in those who have not been on antibiotics and they haven’t been exposed in a hospital care facility.

Isn’t that scary to think about?

As evil as it is to your body, it’s worse to your pocket, it cost me over $1000 dollars due to replases and that doesn’t count procedures done post diagnosis for the Crohn’s disease.

If you’re one who may not know about immunosuppressant drugs, basically it’s about 10-15K a shot and [in my situation] you take it [Humira] once a week.

Chris Martin and Jakob Dylan Crohn’s disease awareness benefit!

Spores are contagious as well. They live on surfaces through the toughest circumstances.

The only way to properly disinfect and kill c.diff spores is by using hospital grade c.diff bleach.


Long story short, I lost about 60 lbs, my lowest weight was 99 lbs. And the fight didn’t end after a total of 3 relapses.

Finally, c.diff was gone but it did a great job at activating my immune system and causing my first Crohn’s disease flare-up.

Interestingly, that explains all the issues I was having between 2012-2014. As a kid I always had stomach aches but it was just “normal,” to in my life.

There was nothing “weird,” about it because it felt normal.

Further, I had medical records dating back to highschool of me visiting the doctor due to stomach pain that lasted a while and then went away (remission) on and off.

Now, as I type this I’m over 100 Humira shots into my treatment, I’ve been on steroids (the devils’ tictacs) for over 6-months at very high doses, just to keep my stomach from attacking itself.

I guess this post is to basically share a part of me with the world. And to say, regardless who you are, if you’re facing anything, remember it’s okay to be okay, live in the present and don’t worry about the future.

Truthfully, health will always be a concern for someone with a chronic illness. And it even pushes family and friends away, in turn, that can feel very hurtful.

Being angry right now is all I can feel and it’s damn okay to be angry. Instead of walking out of the studio, I began to write.

Crohn’s disease doesn’t have me, I have Crohn’s disease.

Never forget your worth, get back up after you fall and believe in yourself, it’s all we can do in this one life we live.

Blessed be.

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