Pete Davidson kicks 2 students out of show, he was not impolite.

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Pete Davidson kicks 2 students out of a show, he was not impolite.

Reddit community carries on Mac Miller’s legacy.

As many have seen, there have been numerous reports about Pete Davidson kicking out two students who wore Ariana Grande merch during one of his shows. In fact, here’s the blunt truth, how would you feel if you broke with someone you cared a lot about and they flaunted a shirt of them around you all the time?

Further, it’s not like the paps don’t bombard him with rude questions. It’s not easy on anyone in the world to see their once girlfriend with someone else. In this particular case, it’s a level up.

Due to the structure of being in Hollywood you see “that gorgeous face,” everywhere and it’s almost a never ending reminder of a hard time you faced in life.

What’s the point in attending one of Davidsons events and flaunting an Ari shirt, front row. The kid even called his act “distasteful.”

First, Pete Davidson is a comedian, he’s going to use crude jokes and not everyone will like it but the fact is, he is a comedian that is his job.

Pete Davidson has apologized for one of his live jokes on Saturday Night Live. But jokes are just that, jokes.

Comedians don’t always 100% believe in what they write but they share things that ignite any emotion within a crowd.

Seriously, have some respect, it’s just as bad as the fan who had a huge sign of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez on a totem pole.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — “Don Cheadle” Episode 1759 — Pictured: Pete Davidson as Rami Malek, backstage in Studio 8H on Saturday, February 16, 2019 — (Photo by: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC)


If you wouldn’t want it done to you, why the hell would you do it to someone else. I think the school needs to back down and stop overreacting.

They shouldn’t have taken students to a show starring Pete Davidson, he’s done well for himself and his jokes are unique, blunt and worthy of hearing.

The comedian doesn’t have to put up with students, paps (dare I say this) and adults appearing disrespectful.

Have you forgot he even joked about losing his own f*cking father? You know, the man who helped bring him into this world.

In case you missed it, Davidson’s father passed away in 9/11.

Raw, no? But it’s the kind of content that people need and everyone is different.

Every human in this world like different comedians, actors, singers and writers. It may not always be different but when it is, there’s a particular reason one may find themselves enjoying Pete Davidson or Chelsey Handler.

Oh and there’s one more thing, it was just this week Pete Davidson kicked out a paying customer for screaming “Mac Miller.”

Cosmopolitan reported Davidson was telling a joke.

“During his set, Pete reportedly joked, “So a funny thing happened to me recently in my apartment. My friend died of a heart attack.”

Shortly after, you hear a man scream “Mac Miller.”

“Pete calmly stops his routine and asks the audience to ID the dude that yelled out and that he is going to have to leave,” an eyewitness said. “He then asks security to locate the yeller and escort him out.” Then, he reportedly told the audience, “I’m not going to have any of that sh*t happening at my show.”

Reddit community carries on Mac Miller’s legacy.

Honestly, if we reversed the roles, would you be able to handle that? Fortunately there are those who feel the same as positive celebrity.

The jokes come but remember, there’s always a good time and a bad time.

This was bad timing and rude all around, what do you guys think about comedian Pete Davidson’s reaction to the students? Sound off in the comments below. If you’re enjoying the positive vibes, give us a thumbs up on Facebook. Otherwise, you can subscribe.

Have a great weekend.

Blessed be!

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