Celebrity or not invisible diseases are more than you may know.

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Invisible diseases are more than you might know.

Obviously, we love talking about celebrities but we also love to use our very own struggles to relate to an audience. The strong people who fight to live every day but seemingly look normal.

Many people have autoimmune diseases, depression, and anxiety. I doubt there’s one person in the world who hasn’t cried at least once. Further, It’s rare for someone to not know a family, friend or friend of a friend with an invisible illness.

That’s why smiling at strangers is so damn important in life. I mean, you never know what someone is going through and health can be so daunting.

At least currently, the “feeling great,” isn’t that wonderful with my Crohn’s disease. Those of you who follow me know what that is but to those it’s an autoimmune disease where my small bowel attacks itself because it sees it as “an enemy,” this can cause a lot of problems.

Actually, pretty embarrassing problems and sometimes even a whole lifestyle change due to needing surgery, etc.

When you have an autoimmune disease or a struggle, it’s far too easy to assume the worst, bringing you down, down, and depressed. But, it would be amazing to share this thought that my sister implanted into my brain.

Dark times do come but it’s important to cherish the smaller things.

“If I see a beautiful flower, I pull over just to take a picture of it.”

Empowering, no?

Crohn’s disease doesn’t have me, I have Crohn’s disease!

We are what we manifest. Further, she went to remind me about the amazing bunnies outside and how they recently had babies.

I wasn’t feeling well but still went out to feed them because I love fur babies so much and I will forever put them before myself, feed them before myself and so on…

I feel better. In fact, for feeling 9/10 sh*tty. I’m capable of writing this blog to hopefully inspire someone to stay positive about their situation in life. Please, trust me because I know what you are feeling inside your heart.

There are those who judge, don’t understand, never research or even attempt to understand friendship. In fact, I had one friend tell me because I don’t check messenger, so in turn, our friendship didn’t “offer her nothing,” anymore, really?

In reality, her messages were the only ones I opened when I got onto my PRIVATE account.

“Being sick,” can change for people day to day and friends should understand that, it’s not always easy but we do our best to hide our struggle when we shouldn’t have too hide it and we shouldn’t have to worry about losing friends or judgements just because we have been resting a lot due to whatever we battle in life.

Nobody deserves that feeling. And then there can be judgement from co-workers. But you know what, whether you have an illness, anxiety, depression or whatever “it,” is you should never consider a negative opinion about you a second thought.

In fact, we can even turn the tables comparing judgements to celebrities. Yesterday we talked about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

ICYMI: Fans are dedicating their accounts to diss on the newly married couple.

It’s wrong on so many levels. I will say what talent can’t say because I don’t have to deal with backlash as often but they too are judged which can cause a deep depression.

Why in the living hell would you do that to someone “you appreciate and love.”

So, this kinda applies to every situation in life.

You don’t know someone’s life so just be their smile, especially if you notice one is lacking.

Huge shout out to Looney Tara for keeping me positive on the days I find it hard to stand. Further, Tara has joined our opinon coloumn and we are happy to have her on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

Blessed be.

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