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Snoop Dogg: 420 in Salt Lake City at USANA!

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Snoop Dogg is celebrating 420 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

What a great way to celebrate multiple occasion with Snoop Dog. First, did you know it’s the 25th anniversary of “Doggystyle?”

Also, as a medical marijuana supporter, it’s almost the 420 holiday!

If you’re planning to be in Utah on April 20th then let us all throwback together for a concert at The USANA Amphitheatre.

Just to be safe, if you didn’t know he’s coming with an awesome lineup and tickets are still on sale at Smiths Tix brought to you by our local U92!

Octavian Vlad breaking into acting and sports!

U92 Presents Snoop Dogg, Nas & 2 Chainz: Merry Jane’s Wellness Retreat April 20th at USANA Amphitheatre. You will not want to miss out!”

Snoop Dogg has been a positive advocate in many ways, life lessons, even taking a stand during political sh*t. He’s not afraid to be himself on and off stage.

That said, it’s going to be an honor celebrating 420 this weekend with Snoop Doggggy, doooog and his team.

Further, if you’re not familiar with Snoop Dogg, then check out the video below. The best way to learn the most about someone is listening to interviews (or if possible) talking to those who are in your personal life.

In fact, artists like Snoop have always been about being real, being blunt and not caring what the world thinks about their personal thoughts, I mean, we are all entitled to have our own opinions, right?

You might love him, you might not, doesn’t matter because everyone who does will be celebrating the day and his music on what will be a warm day for Utah.

Have you seen Snoop before? Well, sound off in the comments below!

Positive Celebrity loves hearing from family, friends, and fans!

Blessed be!

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