A Toast to Variety Women!

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A Toast to Variety Women!

Those who are familiar with Variety knows how hard they work with their talent. And they have been such a strong example to women in the industry.

Positive Celebrity recently learned 82% of their writers are women, 78% of their directors are women, and 67% of their producers are women.

There’s no doubt that men have had a strong role in film for as long as we can remember but it’s great to see that more women are confident in their skills both on and off screen. Positive Celebrity is proud to shout out Variety for their hard work.

Co-Editor-in-Chief opened up about their honorees in April’s issue of Variety.

“Our honorees, not just this year but every year, are each powerful and high profile in their respective professions, whether that be in entertainment and media-related fields or other industries. She shared. “They use their influence and positions of power to address injustices in the world. Though they have super busy careers and crazy-packed schedules, somehow they find the time, passion and energy to give back. And we respect them deeply for that.”

That’s so fun and great to hear. Congrats to all the honorees in past and present years. You all do hard work and deserve to be recognized!

Go women!

Blessed be!

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