Pete Davidson had a right to leave and here’s why!

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The only tone right now inside my head is people are fake. Yup, fans are fake, people are fake and life is not perfect.

Tonight Pete Davidson couldn’t go through with a show, the owner of the comedy club completely disrespected him.

First, if you are a professional you don’t take the mic for your 3-minutes of fame to ask EVERYONE to pick up their phones to record a rant.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Second, just in case people have forgotten, THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY IS MEANT TO ENTERTAIN YOU, celebrities ARE NOT ZOO ANIMALS.

If Pete Davidson wants to cancel a damn set for personal reasons, he sure as hell can, don’t act like you don’t call into work every now and again.

How the hell would you feel if you went back and everyone hazed you? Oh yeah, that’s right you would go to HR!

I would have walked out as well and for anyone who has to deal with hidden diseases, you have no idea what the stress does to our bodies.

Everyone at that show tonight, shame on you if you had negativity in your heart. Next time some random person who doesn’t even know you brings up your past, (specifically an ex you loved) you think you’re going to smile?

No, you’re going to walk out.

I would have walked out too, Vinny was completely unprofessional.

If you were the owner of a business and in order to be a good business owner, you must know how to talk with talent, verify the information and keep everyone safe physically and mentally.

Guess what happens after that, you talk about it, you verify it, you talk about it again and then it’s done RIGHT!

Pete at least made a video and offered a free event. If you can’t understand that, it’s okay, everyone will go through something similar in life, it might be a “different life,” but karma does serve a hot dish.

Shut your mouths about Pete Davidson and if you were among those attendees, you paid to see him, what does that say about you, butt sniffer.

Blessed be to all the good ones out there in this world.

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