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Top 5 Trailers: What’s trending on Netflix?

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Top 5 Trailers: What’s trending on Netflix?

Top 5 Trailers: What’s trending on Netflix? Positive celebrity takes a dive into what's trending on Netflix! Check it out on Positive Celebrity magazine!

If you just wrapped up one of your favorite shows and are looking for another great show, then knowing what’s trending on Netflix will help.

Currently, the top Netflix series trending includes Orange is The New Black, On My Block, Lucifer, FRIENDS and a handful of movies including Wind River, Hell or Highwater, APOLLO 13 and Boyhood.

Gaga: Five Foot Two is at the very top of the most popular documentaries, as well as Abducted In Plain Sight.

Because of this, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what’s trending on Netflix.

On My Block
Rating: 4.8/5
Premiered: Mar 16, 2018
Platform: Netflix


On My Block features characters, you will love instantly as you watch them face the harsh realities of life. The characters bring you laughter, tears, and even shock. The emotions put into this popular Netflix series was well planned.

Viewers might think the plot is going to take a particular turn but in our case, all we could do is scream “WHAT?!” each time the show took a new turn.

To be specific, one user on a Reddit discussion about On My Block opened about the series with those who also binge-watched the show.

“That ending was unexpected and completely devastating. I need season two right now.”

The production crew and creators Lauren Iungerich, Jeremy Haft and Eddie Gonzalez did a phenomenal job at writing a series which puts you into the shoes of each character.

Further allowing you to understand and even relate to their trials.

The show not only attracts those who are teens but adults as well. On My Block gives an insight into how difficult it can be navigating the halls of high school can become and truly makes you empathetic for many in the world.

Netflix: Dead to Me is binge-worthy and quite surprising!

When a creator puts an idea on paper, it takes time, time to plan, time to see things from the audience’s perspective. If you can make someone laugh, you can make someone listen and if you can make someone cry (relate) you can also make someone listen.

So, if this is what’s trending on Netflix then we can back it, give it a watch.


Going to school, dating and staying out of trouble isn’t easy for this group of friends. Especially when they attempt to save their friend from gang life.

How do 5 teens navigate their now dangerous life?

Good and bad decisions are made, which lead these characters into some messy situations.

But what happens when things get messy and their friendships are on the line?

Honestly, On My Block a new Netflix series that truly holds up to the realities of high school struggles, love, and how the street life can affect others in their community.

Rings trailer will bring chills this Halloween

The new Netflix series was created by Lauren Iungerich, Jeremy Haft and Eddie Gonzalez.

Well, we won’t spoil that part for you, be sure to add it to your watchlist on Netflix. Most importantly, Netflix and chill with someone, you’ll both be talking when it asks if you’re still watching On My Block.

Rating: 4.7/5
Premiered: Jan 26, 2017
Platform: Netflix


The next answer to what’s trending on Netflix is Riverdale.

The show packs a punch by starting off with the death of Jason Blossom, his body was never recovered after possibly drowning in the early morning of July 4th.

The hit Netflix show is hauntingly addicting.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a small town, there’s always crime but this runs deeper than just your everyday crime. Most importantly, keeping you on the very edge each time the show concludes an episode with each incredible cliff hanger.

Deception, love, crime, and secrets.

It was not hard to finish this series in a couple of days. The only hard part was waiting to see what would happen next on Riverdale.

So, if you’re wondering why it’s on our list of what’s trending on Netflix then let’s take a jump into the plot.

Positive Celebrity cannot wait to see the next well-written script for its next season.


The creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa didn’t miss a beat when putting together a production which was based off the comic “Archie.” Although the truth is comics have never been on the top of our reading list, the CW drama-mystery is jaw-dropping.

Riverdale leaves you with characters like Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead (reminds me of The Outsiders), and people of the town. The production found the perfect cast starring Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, K.J. Apa, and Lili Reinhart.

What happens when a group of teens attempts to find a murderer who has been haunting the town and watching everyone since the drowning?

This seemingly wholesome town is now facing scandals and secrets.

Rating: 7/5
Platform: Netflix


Let’s take a look at what’s trending on Netflix in crime on documentaries. I mean, who doesn’t like a little insight on what goes on in jails around the world.

Positive Celebrity has always felt the jail systems are screwy. The production did a great job at giving viewers an inside look into the jail systems and just how hard life can be when you are sentenced to serving time in jail.

Jailbirds is one Netflix series tending that truly makes you feel emotions you would never imagine.

Most importantly, it gives insight on how important human contact is for inmates. Concluding our thought behind our opinion on how our jail system is broken.

Haven’t you ever thought “why does a mother get a much harsher sentence compared to a murderer or someone who was involved in homicide?”

The trending series on Netflix is one that you can pause and resume but instantly get hooked again, great for those weekdays where you know you


At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life — and love — on the inside.

Rating: 8/5
Released: May 8, 2019
Platform: Netflix


It’s no secret Lucifer is on the what’s trending on Netflix. I mean, the devil comes back from hell to help the LAPD?

This show does not leave you time to go into your personal life. It’s definitely a binge watch. The producers, cast and crew did an excellent job with each episode. Most importantly, it’s great to see the whole “what if the devil was good?”

Many could likely relate to wondering that at some point in their life (not everybody). But it’s a great show and the cinematography is top notch.

Be sure to add this to your list of trending shows on Netflix. You won’t regret it.


What happens when the devil gets bored with life in Hell?

Lucifer takes action and leaves hell to live life in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. He becomes a part of the LAPD looking for suspects.

The creator Tom Kapinos did a great job with this comic adaptation. The series stars some of the best in Hollywood including Tom Ellis, Lina Esco, and Lesley-Ann Brandt.

Rating: 9/10
Released: May 10, 2019
Platform: Netflix


The Society is one of those Netflix TV series that keeps you hooked. How would it be to find out you were mysteriously transported to the greener side of New England? Further, your parents are missing.

This definitely belongs to positive celebrities what’s trending list.

Creator Christopher Keyser seriously nailed the writing, twists, and turns. In fact, it’s no surprise because he also worked Sisters, Party of Five, Tyrant, Time of Your Life, and Equal Justice.

The hit series proudly stars Kathryn Newton, Rachel Keller, and Gideon Adlon.


A group of teenagers struggles to survive after they’re mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy town with no trace of their parents.

Positive Celebrity Gossip and entertainment news would love to hear what you thought of these shows in the comments below!

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Blessed be!

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