24 hours in the most haunted place on Earth.

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24 hours in the most haunted place on Earth.

Most haunted place on Earth?

The paranormal has always been something of interest to many in life. I mean, there are so many ways to prove it.

Whether that be EVPs, summoning a demon yourself or hey, maybe you’re the devil walking in the flesh (obviously kidding).

This guy decided he would spend 24 hours at the Ohio State Penitentiary. It’s been said that this place is the most haunted place on the planet.

Jenny McCarthy posted a video to show that her house may actually be haunted!

The Ohio State Pen is one of the biggest prisons in America. There are a lot of inmates who died there, with many floors and prison cells.

“We could walk around all night and not see the whole thing.”

They set up base camp and then began their journey through the Ohio State Penitentiary.

These dorks even played hide and seek in the prison. This video was creepy and super entertaining, no wonder it’s trending on YouTube but we’re not sure if there was any paranormal activity.

Get this, if you are brave enough, you can go ghost hunting by yourself, maybe then something from within will convince you of the truth.

Explore the darker side of the Reformatory’s history.

The Paranormal Program at the Ohio State Reformatory provides a unique way to experience the building’s macabre history. Most of the paranormal programs are conducted in the evening with the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide. The Paranormal Program includes Public Ghost Hunts, Private Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Walks, Ghost Hunt Classes, and Special Paranormal Events. Ghost hunting equipment, books, and merchandise are available through our Museum Store.

The Haunted Ghost Town Kesha Sebert Should Visit


  • Guests attending a Ghost Walk MUST be 13 years old.
  • Guests attending a Ghost Hunt MUST be 18 years old.
  • Guests 18 and older MUST bring a valid photo ID. Guests 13-17 years old MUST provide a photo ID or proof of age, like a birth certificate (this can be scanned or photographed) or a grade card.
  • Guests who fail to provide photo ID or proof of age may be denied entry.

We’re close enough to October, who doesn’t like getting goose bumps. Check out the video below and be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below!

24 Hours In The Most Haunted Place On Earth

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Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
Yaaas, Psycho Bandit for the kill. Lol.
Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
Positive Celebrity Gossip - Laurara Monique
The man who took Mac Miller’s life has been arrested. Thankfully, more lives will be safe now, who knows how many "customers," this fool had. Glad to hear they finally caught the POS!

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