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Oh wait, so Ariana Grande had a normal 26th birthday party?!

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Oh wait, so Ariana Grande is a normal person! Who would have thought she was just as human as you and I.

Oh wait, so Ariana Grande had a normal 26th birthday party?! Check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news!

In case you missed it, Ariana Grande’s birthday was on Wednesday. And she celebrated it by having a multi-million dollar party.

No, seriously, we’re just kidding.

Ariana Grande was surrounded by her family and friends on her 26th birthday.

Of course, her fans were there as well.

As you know, Grande is on her Sweetener tour right now and it just so happened her birthday fell on a day where she was performing in Toronto.

As an example for my family or significant other, we decorate like we’re still kids and that’s exactly what Grande wanted for her birthday as well.

The only difference is she’s on tour and doing the job she loves the most in life.

Justin Bieber’s new song doesn’t mean he’s fixated on the past.

In fact, it sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday. I mean, we all have them at our works as well!

It was decorated with balloons, food and everyone she wanted to be around during her birthday.

Even her family showed up and got the crowd ready by singing the Happy Birthday song!

How cute is that?

The birthday party catering was done by Scotiabank Arena!

Happy birthday, @arianagrande! Hope you enjoy the old school “kids-themed” birthday party we set up for you in catering backstage 🎈🎉 #SweetenerTour pic.twitter.com/WHNSJ2xf5T— Scotiabank Arena (@ScotiabankArena) June 26, 2019

It’s great to see her having an awesome time on tour with her family, friends and fans!

Blessed be!

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