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Faith Hill: Charities and influence!

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Faith Hill: Charities and influence!

Positive Celebrity loves jamming out to old school music just as much as new music.

In fact, Faith Hill’s hit “It Matters To Me,” is still such a relatable song about being a relationship.

Especially when we are stuck wondering if our “crush” is seeing how we feel, that unknown feeling of “what do I do?” Or maybe, the song makes you think about how uncaring your current partner makes you feel.

It Matters To Me is a song that can match nearly any persons “anthem,” for that moment in their life.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Temecula Road & their rise to fame!

Audrey Faith McGraw is better known as Faith Hill. But she has worked endlessly as an American singer and record producer. Most importantly, to this very day, she is still one of the most successful country artists of all time.

Hill has sold over 40-million albums worldwide.

Further, did you know she is married to the one and only Tim McGraw?

Both Tim and Faith McGraw has always strived to do as much charity work as possible, what’s better than leaving the world better than you left it?

According to Look to the Stars, she’s accomplished quite a lot during her time helping others in the world.

“Faith was the first-ever recipient of the “Sheltering Hand Award”, given in recognition for her work with the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes.

Hill built a birdhouse for an auction to benefit the W O Smith Music School, which provides music lessons to low-income families.

She and her husband, Tim McGraw, took truckloads of relief items down to the Gulf area after Hurricane Katrina. They also performed a charity tour, giving all the proceeds to the Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation, a group the couple formed to help victims the disaster.”

Take a look at this amazing list of accomplishments regarding charity. She is truly one person who makes a huge impact in the world.

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