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What you should do instead of storming Area 51!

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What you should do instead of storming Area 51!

Storming Area 51 has been all over social media and the memes are constantly flying down Facebook timelines.

Instead of doing something that could potentially get you killed. Why not storm this animal shelter who opened up on Facebook about these fur babies needing safe homes.

After all, animals don’t have a voice but we do and we can take action along with our voice.

With any luck, maybe a few hundred thousand people will go give homes to these little gals and guys who need a happy and safe place to live the rest of their lives.

James Franco discusses protecting Farm Animals

Animals are beyond loving, so, forget Area 51.

Further, just in case ya’ll don’t know, the meeting place to the base is over 10 miles, you’re not going to make it…

Set a goal you can commit too and achieve.

The Oklahoma shelter opened up to the Huffington post about their animal shelter.

“Come storm our shelter…” Oklahoma City Animal Welfare wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world! #stormtheshelter.”

The post has an adorable fur babies wearing tinfoil hats, as a reference to the viral Facebook event page for storming Area 51.

OKC Animal Welfare [as of Saturday] has 149 dogs, 54 cats, two pigs and a hamster that need their forever homes.

Positive Celebrity has a huge weakness and it’s animals, if only we could adopt them all!

Blessed be!

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