This young woman’s rare pregnancy happens once every 500 years! What a journey!

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This young woman’s rare pregnancy happens once every 500 years! What a journey!

This rare pregnancy happens once every 500 years

Well, for most couples there comes a time when “having a family,” comes up and deciding whether or not that’s truly what they want for their future.

The emotions that happen when a woman realizes she’s pregnant are almost indescribable. But for 23-year-old Alexandra Kinova from Milovice, Czech Republic, the rare made her pregnancy quite the rollercoaster.

In fact, after being blessed with a son, the couple decided they wanted to try again, to hopefully have a little sister for their already born son.

This pregnancy turned into world news after her midwife provider gave them both news they were not expecting.

Further, this time around, her stomach was larger than what would be considered normal with one childbearing mother.

After doing their ultrasound, it was confirmed the couple would be having quadruplets. Turns out that wasn’t the end of it.

EN Newser opened up about the news putting things into a larger perspective.

“To put things into perspective, the chances of a female falling pregnant with quintuplets is one in several million.”

Absolutely, utterly amazing, don’t you think?

Four boys and one girl! This is one rare pregnancy!

What an amazing story and it truly made history for the two and their home. Children are amazing and whether you believe in a higher power or not, we can all agree the human body is truly amazingly surprising.

You can check out the video below, be sure to let us know what you think? Do you guys have any twins in your family genes?

Sound off!

Blessed be!

After This Woman Went Into Labor, Her Birth Was A Once In Nearly 500 Years Event

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