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Jordan Bell Hosts 1st Annual Celebrity Basketball Game Benefiting Race to Erase MS!

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Jordan Bell Hosts 1st Annual Celebrity Basketball Game Benefiting Race to Erase MS

Jordan Bell Hosts 1st Annual Celebrity Basketball Game Benefiting Race to Erase MS. Check it out right here on positive celebrity news!

“The Race to Erase MS wanted to build a winning team so we sought the best and the brightest throughout the world to create the Center Without Walls program.”
– Nancy Davis

Jordan Bell had a wonderful time hosting the 1st annual celebrity basketball game to benefit and erase MS. Further, all proceeds from Saturday’s game were donated to the Center Without Walls Program.

Center Without Walls is dedicated to erasing Multiple Sclerosis.

“The Center’s theme is simple: communication – doctors working together toward a mutual goal. When this goal is reached, all will share in the victory.

The Center’s network of the top MS institutions that have established leading, innovative research programs currently include Cedars-Sinai, UC San Francisco, Harvard, Yale, USC, Johns Hopkins, and Oregon Health Sciences University.”

There’s no doubt The Center constantly works hard to strengthen their ability to find a cure with new approaches using some of the brightest minds in the field.

Bell opened up about his girlfriend and her diagnosis with MS.

“My girlfriend was diagnosed with MS in November of last year, and obviously when someone that close to you goes through something like that, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects you too,” Bell said. “Seeing all of the pain and all of the stuff she was going through just made me want to just do my part. Obviously, I can’t come up with a cure, but I can do my part and put on my charity game.”

He also shared a photo of everyone at Race to Erase with a humble caption.

Jordan Bell Hosts 1st Annual Celebrity Basketball Game Benefiting Race to Erase MS. Check it out right here on positive celebrity news!

“This event was very special to me. Not only because this is something I worked very hard to pull together, but because of the meaning behind it. I decided to partner with Race to Erase MS in honor of my baby, @rissawestt. She was diagnosed with MS late last year and it affected us both. I know a jump shot could never cure this disease, but if I can somehow do my part to raise awareness of it, then I will do so. This was the first of many special events! I want to thank @ebruiz2 for straight killing it and being the main reason this event happened, my brother @shelly_sb for helping throughout this whole process and believing in me, @shoepalace for helping with the jerseys, all the players ( @maxisnicee @thatsdax @sierato @austinjmills @brittneyelena @famouslos32 @bdotadot5 @donbenjamin @rosgo21 @cappa23 @marcelashoward @dmo ), @cassyathenaphoto for 📸 the whole event, @nancypeaceandlove for allowing me to be apart of the @racetoerasems family, and of course my inspiration @rissawestt ❤️… SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!”

Players and participants in attendance included Lonzo Ball, Javale McGee, Karl-Anthony Towns, Austin J. Mills, BDot, Brittney Elena, Cappie Pondexter, Dax, DMo, Don Benjamin, Famous Los, Marcelas Howard, Max is Nice, Ros Gold-Onwude, Francesca Capaldi, and more.

“I’m so excited to partner with Race to Erase MS for my first annual Celebrity Basketball Game,” said Jordan Bell. “Being able to combine my love for basketball with supporting a cause that is near and dear to my heart means a lot to me and my family!”

Nancy Davis, the Race to Erase MS founder was thankful for the love and support

“We are so thrilled that Jordan Bell has chosen Race to Erase MS as the benefactor of his first annual charity game. We are incredibly grateful for his support and are looking forward to working together to help spread awareness about this life-altering disease,” she shared. He is very passionate about doing this every year and he wants to help find the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis and I admire that someone who’s 24 years old, who is starting his great NBA career is so focused on really helping this charity,” Davis told THR. “He’s so giving and he just really wants to find a cure for this disease.”

Multiple Sclerosis causes lesions to grow onto your brain and spine. The lesions block electrical signals in your body from traveling where they need to go for proper functioning.

For example, if you try to move an arm or leg, the impulse may be blocked or partially blocked by the lesions.

Most importantly, MS makes you very tired because you work harder with much less output from the body. Unfortunately, many with MS will end up dependent on wheelchairs as well as walkers.

Crohn’s disease doesn’t have me, I have Crohn’s disease!

Other symptoms include, body numbness, vision problems and other sensory blocks, in fact, even your thinking can be affected and problem-solving may become more difficult as the disease progresses.

With no cure, MS often deteriorates your ability to be comfortable. There are treatments that help slow things down a bit including steroids.

Unfortunately, many with MS have a decreased quality of life but charities like this help bring us one step closer to a cure. In fact, the medical community is constantly finding new ways to help those suffering from MS.

The Race to Erase event truly shows passion from all involved. And we’re proud to see and hear who had a hand in helping to find a cure.

Shout out to the whole Race to Erase team, you guys are the best, huge shout out from positive celebrity.

Ya’ll inspire!

Listen to their video below, so you can have a better understanding and hopefully do your part to help, even if that means sharing and spreading the word.

Sadly, many people do not know how bad MS can affect the quality of life in those who are affected.

Blessed be!

Welcome to Erase Race!

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