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Wentworth Con: Bringing award-winning Australian drama to the US!

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Wentworth Con: Bringing award-winning Australian drama to the US!

Wentworth Con is about to take place on November 9th at the Hyatt Regency in Los Angeles, California.

What is Wentworth Con?

“Wentworth Con is the FIRST convention dedicated to the Australian drama WENTWORTH. We are bringing you face to face with the stars for a full day of fan-friendly events! Panels, Audience Q&A, Photo-Ops, Meet & Greets, Autographs, Official Merchandise, Vendors, etc. etc. Oh, and don’t forget – meeting a bunch of Wentworth fans that share the same love as you! We’ve got it all. Check out some clips our first event in NJ by Clicking HERE”

Who wouldn’t want a jam-packed day with your favorite stars who will include, Danielle Cormack, Libby Tanner, Celia Ireland, and Tammy Macintosh?

Plan on a filled schedule which will be released 10 days before the event and don’t forget you can bring in your own photo to be signed, although, there will be amazing merch available during the Wentworth Con event.

Most importantly, as with any “Con,” you can plan on photo-ops, autographs, and insight on the show from the stars themselves during their panels.

Further, we have to give it up to the cast and crew, you guys have worked so hard on and off-set.

Additionally, there will be a round-table meet and greet, you can check out the VIP packages on the official website for Wentworth Con.

What is the Round Table Meet and Greet?

  • The Round Table Meet and Greet at Wentworth Con is an optional add-on experience that includes:
  • A 30 Minute Meet and Greet Experience (with 9 other people) with a selected Cast Member
  • One Autograph – item not included, must bring your own item to be signed
  • One “Selfie” – take the photo with your device
  • One photo of your Meet and Greet group – photo taken with our camera, we will email a jpeg after the event



According to Wentworth Con, autographs are included, which means you get to say thank you for the great show and hard work.

“This is your chance to tell your favorite cast member how much they mean to you! Our autograph tables are intimate and give you an opportunity to talk to your favorite actress 1-on-1.

Wentworth’s Nicole Da Silva fights for abused women and more!

Please bring a photograph or object for the actor to sign at their discretion. You may also purchase Merch on-site or use your separately purchased Photo Op.”

Wentworth is by far one of the most popular binge series on Netflix.

With that in mind, it’s not easy to make a vision come to life on screen, and they made it look so easy!

Above all, Positive Celebrity News cannot be prouder to see how hard filmmakers continue to work and inspire.

Lastly, look out for us because we will be there, PCG would love to get your thoughts on the show, Wentworth Con and how the show impacted your life!

Blessed be!

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