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More Than Just a rapper. Kanye West Sunday service comes to Utah during LDS conference.

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Kanye West Sunday Service happen right during The Church of Latter-Day Saints conference weekend.

More than just a rapper
More than just a rapper. ✊🏾 

Isn’t it true that Kanye West has talked about growth, fashion, music and so many more topics in the media? So, it’s pretty safe to say that he knows his stuff when it comes to working but now he’s showing the other side of Kanye.

The side we will call “More than just a rapper,” because this photo had the best hashtag we could begin to spread the love.

It will be turning up the heat for Utah.

The contradicting personalities in the downtown area will be increased and we hope anyone who is going to these events always remembers to love and be kind.

I’ve always preached to “just love,” and if Kanye wants to a step further by inspiring his family, friends and followers state-to-state, so be it.

Let’s be real, we’ve all seen the stories of “this guy,” for hating “that guy,” for believing in complete opposite ideas on endless levels.

More than just a rapper.

This shows that Kanye West is more than just a rapper but a man attempting to fill all the goals he has in life.

In fact, he inspires his family, friends, and fans to never give up and to dream big because it is not impossible to attain your goals.

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With that in mind, let’s remember to respect one another not based on what you believe but as a person.

Utah is constantly ready for high traffic and it’s a state where many high-profile celebrities and events happen, it’s “my kinda perfect,” when it comes to being an entertainment state.

West’s service will happen during the General Conference meeting and there will also be a protest from excommunicated Mormon bishop Sam Young will hold his “Protect Every Child” march.

Are you guys going to hit up his service? It’ll be a lot of good vibes seein Kanye West who is in fact, more than just a rapper

Sound off in the comments below.

Blessed be!

Kayne West Sunday service sample!

More than just a rapper, Kanye West #MoreThanJustarapper #SundayService

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