The thought of being sober is hard in our world.

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The thought of being sober is hard in our world.

The thought of being sober is hard in our world.

There are so many people in the world who are afraid of being sober. Keep in mind, non-sober falls into many categories, not just drugs, and alcohol.

Whatever creates a euphoric feeling with the combination of “avoiding the world,” including family and friends is something considerably addictive in its own way.

In fact, when I’m down, I love a big tub of ice cream, a chick flick but sometimes that feeling can stick around for longer than normal.

Being sober is seeing the world for what it is at this present moment, and being happy and proud to be alive.

It’s okay to rant your anxiety to the world, try this method.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to everyone and it can be the worst feeling in the world.

Nonetheless, remember, don’t drown your feelings in gaming, ice cream, alcohol, antidepressants and so on for too long because you’ll forget how beautiful the world truly is…

Love is like an addiction as well.

Isn’t it true that love can make you blind? Especially, if there is a toxic relationship, and there those times when your love was never returned, it hurts.

The thought of being sober is hard in our world.

It’s a seemingly “never-ending pain,” but the truth is, it’s temporary.

Truthfully, you can get through anything but you can’t undo the past. You can’t face the same demons for the rest of your life.

It’s far easier said than done.

The thought that anyone has felt pain causing the thought of suicide to pass into their minds while at work, or meeting back up with you late at night.

To put in short, you can, you are, you will thrive, fight. Every problem is temporary. You can see the world through bright colors again.

So, take off those rose-colored glasses, whoever you are, whatever you’re facing. You are the one in control of your life.

Lastly, make sure if you’re feeling down to reach out to a friend, someone you trust or you can call the suicide hotline, they will even chat with you via texts or online.

You are never alone, you are a fighter and you will get through everything you might be facing.

Keep on keeping on.

Blessed be.

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