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When is the Logan Paul vs KSI fight?

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When is the Logan Paul vs KSI 2 fight?

Logan Paul and KSI (Olajide Olatunji) are prepping for the second fight, which will take place at the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles on November 9th.

Further, 21,000 eyes are going to witness history, and it will all begin with insane amounts of wonder regarding who will lose.

What time is the Logan Paul KSI rematch?

First and foremost, let’s hash out the important details about the Logan Paul and KSI rematch.

The two will tap gloves on November 9th, Saturday at 3:05 p.m.

Unfortunately, many missed KSI vs Logan Paul’s first fight.

To be brief, KSI and Logan Paul first touched gloves in Manchester and their fight was ruled a majority draw, setting up a second fight between Logan Paul vs KSI.

With that in mind, Logan opened up about KSIs toxic persona.

For this reason, Paul texted him asking to “keep this slightly professional,” but it didn’t work.

Ultimately, they now have both insulted one another, which in Logan’s head will make for a “great fight.”

“How many times can I let a man insult my family, my girlfriend, my vulnerability. It’s disrespect, it’s hectic.”

For this purpose, we have no doubt Logan Paul has trained hard to put KSI in his place with the highly anticipated Logan Paul vs KSI fight.

Which celebrities are attending the Logan Paul vs KSI fight?

It begins, the highly anticipated event has attracted the eyes and minds of many celebrities including Justin Bieber.

In fact, Logan made a statement about respecting J-dawg.

“By the way, if anyone in my family and friends section asks Bieber for a picture, I am kicking you the f*** out.

Just leave the kid alone. I just want to promise him sanctity and safety and entertainment.”

With that in mind, it’s nice to see him looking out because all talent receive a lot of unwanted attention during their free time.

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise in the UFC octagon?

Justin Bieber came out to support Logan Pual after YouTube posted a trailer for the fight. Bieber commented “Rip his head off,” which indicates he’s definitely in Logan Pauls’s corner.

Isn’t it true it would be interesting to see the Biebs take on KSI (just throwing that out there)?

In fact, we’ve seen him box before and he’s fire BUT that’s for another story.

Fortunately, the first Logan Paul vs KSI fight had quite a few celebrities in attendance including…

Jake Wood English actor.
Wes Nelson Professional UFC fighter.
Jimi Manuwa English retired mixed martial artist.

Aside from Justin Bieber, who will likely have Hailey Bieber right by his side as a date, many are expected to attend the fight.

Interestingly, Logan Paul happened to name-dropped Brooklyn Beckham who may attend the Logan Paul vs KSI fight.

Where Can I watch the Logan Paul vs KSI fight?

When is the Logan Paul vs KSI fight? Get more details right here on positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news!
When is the Logan Paul vs KSI fight? Get more details right here on positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news!

According to released details, viewers in the UK can watch the fight.

Sky Box Office offers a great deal for merely £9.95.

Next, those who are outside of the UK can view Logan Paul vs KSI fight by using DAZN.

Further, on DAZN you can watch and stream stacked lineup fights for fall. You also get Canelo, GGG, plus some of the biggest re-matches of the year including Ruiz vs. Joshua 2.

What happened at the Logan Paul vs KSI fight press conference was pure disrespect.

When is the Logan Paul vs KSI fight? Get more details right here on positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news!

Unfortunately, on October 7th the pair exchanged some major insults during the press conference.

In fact, Logan Paul was mocked by KSI after he stepped onto the stage with a Pomeranian.

In case you missed it, Logan recently lost a pet named Kong.

As a consequence, charities like PETA are standing on Logan Pauls’s side of the boxing ring as well.

As a result, PETA had some harsh criticism for KSI.

“A news conference – with its bright lights, loud noises, and crowds.

It can be stressful enough for humans, let alone small animals.

who aren’t inanimate props to be used for a cheap gimmick.”

“Peta encourages fighters to battle it out between themselves – and leave animals out of it.”

Unfortunately, when KSI took to the stage and announced the name of his dog as“King Kong.”

Truthfully, this was a disgusting attempt to hit Logan Paul emotionally.

‘That poor dog is terrified, can we get him off the stage please?’

Logan Paul is ready to show KSI he’s not playing a video game for YouTube.

Most importantly, you never attack someone’s family, including pets who have passed away.

In any case, that was pure disrespect to Logan Paul.

Despite the draw, the fight will continue, both fighters have been training hard.

Lastly, check out the fight below and sound off in the comments below!

Blessed be!

KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

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