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How the FRIENDS TV show influenced our friendship choices and more!

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How the FRIENDS tv show influenced our friendship choices and more!

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Don’t you wish you had a masseuse like @ikeausa?

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Memories are captured by our brains and stored for a lifetime, good and bad. For example, the Friends tv-series gave us so many positive episodes and episodes with hardships.

Isn’t it true, it’s better to have positive memories than negative flashbacks into our past life?

The Friends tv-series taught us that memories are made up of time, the one thing we don’t get back in life is time, so, make the best of your time.

Despite the fact life throws some pretty intense trials our way, we should always use our time to help others.

In doing so, there is no room for failure in being your happiest. It’s proven when you surround yourself with good people your values are set.

In short, this means you know what you deserve and those types of friends will also be around for you when times are hard.

The quote “I would rather have a handful of best friends than just one,” is true. Why put all your eggs in one basket?

Having a handful of wonderful friends reminds me of the show FRIENDS but isn’t that the ideal group right there?

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Joey makes it too easy for thieves.

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What’s the connection in specific?

  • Despite Ross and Rachels falling in love, out of love or “taking a break.”
  • Despite Joey and Chandler’s fighting of girls or a bracelet, they still talked about the problem, even if it was through a box.
  • Despite Chandler and Monica falling in love regardless of Chandler’s relationship fears with commitment, they still talked about the problem. They didn’t rush their marriage and even met in the middle when it came to spending money on their wedding (although, we all know it was totally Monica’s thunderous day).
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This is not good for his rage, Joey!

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  • Despite Joey and Rachel having a fling of confusion. Ross was upset but again, they still talked out the problem.
  • Despite Phoebe’s pagan like persona, they still loved her for who she was because she was tough, yet she would give the shirt off her back in a heartbeat (I mean, she even made Monica a whole new frame, lol).

In turn, we learned to lean on one another and hopefully how to love new people who come into our lives.

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Let’s take a deeper dive into a specific memorable episode

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When you can’t keep it together! #bloopers

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Remember the episode where Pheobeand Monica “cut out,” friends as they began to go through college?

It was called ‘The One with Ross’s Tan’ which is the third episode of the tenth season of Friends (which aired on October 9, 2003).

Further, Phoebe and Monica’s old roommate, Amanda, who is hands down a “New Yorker,” from Yonkers but this time, she’s picked up a British accent and very ego-centric. Both Monica and Phoebe attempt to avoid Amanda without hurting her feelings.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say the two friends didn’t want toxic in their life. Even so, they were respectful and loving merely by trying not to hurt her feelings.

Honestly, those two (if it was reality) would be the best people in the world to have as a friend.

Unfortunately, Amanda’s visit also sparked a backstory for Phoebe and Monica.

In an older episode that is flashed back too, Phoebe was becoming annoyed with how “controlling and compulsive” she behaved.

Next, the episode expanded on other problems they went through while living together in Monica’s apartment.

Phoebe explains to Monica that even though she was a little compulsive, she realized that Monica was truly a nice person and she is glad she changed her mind about cutting Monica out of her life.

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Tag your nap partner!

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What does that teach us exactly?

This teaches us not to judge too harshly and too soon. It means that we give people the benefit of the doubt until we have a real mature reason to move on in life.

FRIENDS is a tv show that has endless relatable episodes but each of them shows values, love, struggle, lust, pain, and of course, comedy.

Christina Grimmie continues to change the world from heaven!

The writers and creators David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Scott Silveri, Andrew Reich, Alexa Junge, Jeff Greenstein, and Jeff Strauss are to thank. The talent they put into their writing translated to the television like magic.

Although, and I can’t believe this, there are still people out there who have not watched the show.

For the love of all things living, do it.

Just as important, laughter is the best medicine when you’re feeling down. The show truly gives a lot of comedy and relatable content.

Most of all, it gives a pretty good picture of life, having to work, make ends meet and still maintain relationships with others.

Todays Generation and their phones

They aren’t tied to their phones all day every day (yes times have changed).

But that doesn’t change the fact that we spend more time with our phones than actually hanging out with our own family and friends.

Did you know FRIENDS tv show now has a LIVE musical that can be seen in Las Vegas, NV?

Yes, you read that right, Friends tv-series does have a LIVE musical!

Now, this is your chance to get out, put your phone away and create some new memories with your family.

First, make sure you watch the show, you’ll feel the emotions of the actors more so during the musical.

90 Day fiancé: Happily Ever after is real talk.

Second, enjoy yourself, life is too short to spend worrying over little issues.

Be thankful for the small things and celebrate them, yes including your big 30!

Lastly, believe in yourself as well as others, love endlessly and never give up.

Memories are forever, the flashbacks in episodes are a testament to that truth.

Oh, and here’s a fan favorite moment!

Be sure to sound off in the comments, let us know what your favorite scene was in the whole Friends tv-series and be sure to subscribe to our PCG magazine newsletter.

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When you take the lie too far.

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Blessed be!

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