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LA Gives Back while Las Vegas cites the homeless.

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LA Gives Back while Las Vegas cites the homeless. 

Addressing Homelessness

LA Gives back 2019 event will help the Los Angeles homelessness problem and donate 100% of proceeds to related charities.

Tourists and locals both know Los Angeles is facing a homelessness crisis. Sadly, it’s possible to find 50,000 to 60,000 homeless on any given night in Los Angeles County.

But 44,000 of them live on the streets, no shelter, food or warmth. 

In fact, recently traveling Positive Celebrity walked the alleys and sidewalks at Venice, Beach. 

Unfortunately, many slept on the beach, inside tents and PCG even stumbled across an alley where they made individualized homes from boxes and aluminum. 

The system is broken. 

For example, recently Las Vegas, NV took a negative and hurtful stand for those who are homeless (some by no fault of their own). 

Are you ready for this? 

The Las Vegas Police Department will be handing out tickets to anyone without proof of address. 

Fortunately, there are those who oppose the whole law. Donna West shared her thoughts with NPR about the frustration felt after the new law was passed. 

“It brings disgrace to the city on Las Vegas,” resident Donna West said. “We need to stop before we start treating our homeless citizens as criminals.”

“This is not a real solution,” said longtime Las Vegas resident and civil rights advocate Gary Peck. “It’s just one more law that cops and prosecutors can use to sweep homeless people out of sight and out of mind.”

“This is not penalty-orientated,” Goodman said. “This is to get our homeless into an environment of re-entry into the best life in this community.”

To be blunt, the whole thing brings some shame to Las Vegas because we are a country and we should be doing something right to help those in need, not making their lives harder. 

Lastly, anyone who feels it was a good move has no heart but I leave you with this, what if it was your family? 

Ah, the million-dollar question to many life social issues. 

But wait, there’s good news. Los Angeles stands out among the rest.

Instead, they team up and take on the homelessness crisis affecting the thousands living on LA’s city streets. 

Even more, LA Gives Back has been addressing these very issues since 2016 through their popular event, a one-night event with some of the world’s best DJs and EDM artists. 

Truthfully, what an amazing idea, who would have thought (obvious sarcasm). 

The 2019 LA Gives Back event lineup is currently under wraps. 

That being the case those who are attending will have to wait until the day of the event to see the lineup, which will include local and national talent. 

With that in mind, we can note artists from past events include Diplo, Boys Noize, Bonobo, Party Favor, and many more incredible artists. 

Further, in 2016 they raised more than $200,000 to help fight and increase awareness about the epidemic affecting many people in the world as well as Los Angeles. 

Although, we don’t have all the deets, what we do know is there will be a pre-party on December 11th at the Soho Warehouse. 

Most important, the point is to “expand giving,” IHeartComix founder Franki Chan opened up about the yearly event. 

“LA Gives Back is exactly that, our community giving back, after the success of the last three years, we’ve decided to make this an annual institution and expand the giving. It’s so cool that so many of LA’s top music curators and creative talent can come together and produce a series of events that draw attention to a huge crisis in our community.” 

The performances are the cherry on top because they not only have artists, they also hold an auction with items donated by the artists themselves, including Billie Eilish, Eric Andre, and Diplo. 

Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds raised at LA Gives Back will go to the local homelessness charities including Downtown Women’s Center and My Friends Place. 

It’s been 3-years and they’ve already donated above $200,000 to local charities. 

Truthfully, that’s how you make an impact, someone didn’t have to celebrate Christmas in an alley, they were fed and warm and social with others they can relate too. And honestly, it is a shame Las Vegas would pass such a law. 

That is not how American’s act, have we not learned from selfishness yet? 

Either way, be sure to look into the event and have the leeway to attend, we know talent read our page and may not know, sometimes it feels fresh to give back to the world. 

If you haven’t yet look into your local communities and be sure to spread the word of love, not hate. 

Blessed be. 

LA Gives Back 3: A Special Holiday Benefit for LA’s Homeless

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