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Aaron Paul: Truth Be Told panel reveals he didn’t even know his character’s fate.

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Aaron Paul: Truth Be Told panel reveals he didn’t even know his character’s fate.

Despite filming on set, Aaron Paul he didn’t know his character’s fate.

Aaron Paul looked laid back while hitting the carpet at his PaleyLive NY panel. In case you missed it, Pauls’s series, Truth Be Told can be seen on Apple TV+.

Further Truth Be Told is a crime, thriller mixed with drama that keeps you hooked to the story’s plot.

“The murder case that propelled a true-crime podcaster to nationwide fame comes back to haunt her when new evidence arises that suggests her original suspect may have been wrongfully convicted.”

Truth Be Told was held at The Paley Center For Media NY on Thursday (December 12) in New York City.

The handsome 40-year-old actor was accompanied by executive producer Octavia Spencer, showrunner Nichelle Tramble, and their moderator, The View’s Sunny Hostin.

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Fortunately, during the panel, scripts were kept on the down-low. At least 5 pages of the script were blacked out to ensure those attending would not find out about the ending of Truth Be Told.

Shockingly, according to Shobiz the cast and crew had no idea whether or not he was actually guilty of murder.

“The actors actually didn’t know whether Warren did it or not while filming. That’s because their showrunner kept a lot of details hidden from the cast members. The last five pages of the script were blacked out so Spencer didn’t know the ending.

Spencer said it was “freeing and much more fun” this way. The Oscar winner said this is because things felt more “human” with not knowing everything that happens in the show.

Positive Celebrity can tell what amazing cast and crew they have for Truth Be Told.
Look at this cinematography.

The details were hidden in order to avoid leaks and spoilers. Paul also didn’t know whether his character committed the crime.

“At the very beginning I asked ‘So did he do it?’” said Paul. He claimed Tramble answered, “I’m not telling you.”

Truthfully, Positive Celeb has not watched the show yet but it sounds like it will keep viewers hooked until the end.

Last, if you haven’t seen the show be sure to tune in, you will be just as curious as the talent are when it comes to the truth.

Blessed be.

Truth Be Told — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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