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Mac Miller’s new music and his truthfully inspiring interview with Zane Crowe.

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Mac Miller’s new music and his truthful and inspiring interview with Zane Crowe.

 Mac Miller’s new music and his truthful and inspiring interview with Zane Crowe.  Check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news!

“The life you live is more important than the words you speak.”
– Mac Miller

If you know me then it’s no secret Mac Miller influenced my life deeply.

Mac Miller was not only a genuine and loving person but he saved lives every day, and he still does save people through his art.

How many times do you think people ask “Why does everyone talk about Mac Miller, what’s so special about him?”

Truth be it, once is too many.

Fortunately, those who listened to his music really knew Mac more than those in-person.

And that’s the fucked up thing about depression.

Reddit community carries on Mac Miller’s legacy.

Constantly, you find yourself attempting to beat the odds, and it can truly be a battle, one we visit multiple times a day.

Regardless, whatever it is in the realities of life, Miller was there to say “hey, I feel these things too, listen!”

Unfortunately, that didn’t make him a perfect person, he fought an enemy from within, and as an artist, you spend a lot of time alone, or not going out to just chill at Blue Side Park with your friends and rap for a smaller scale fan base.

On life, social media, and life

“You have to understand, you wake up, you reach for your phone and me, I can find any story I want about myself.

I used to look at my phone, scroll Twitter or Instagram, and get my ego stroked and destroyed in 5-minutes every morning.” He shared honestly.

“You are the greatest thing ever, you suck, every day. That’s how I started my day, and also that being weight in my headspace.”

“But with everything that happened and it was just too much. I’m looking on the internet. I already have my own feelings emotions and thoughts, so why the fuck would I have any room for them, so I completely cut it off.”

And the best response to his question with Zane Lowe was “What did you replace it with?” And he didn’t wait for a second “Space!”

“You gotta understand, I’ve lived a certain life for 10-years and faced almost no real consequence, at all.

I had no version of the story that didn’t end with me being fine.

Yeah, I made a stupid mistake, I’m a human being, drove home drunk.

Best thing that could have happened to me, I needed to run into the light pole and have all those things stop.

You get the nerve and itch to tell people don’t worry I’m okay, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

People that care about me and fans that love my music, it’s a beautiful, beautiful relationship with them.

Of people who have been with me through being a 19-year-old wide-eyed kid to being a self-destructive depressed drug user to you know, making love music to all these different stages, then they see that and they worry.

And your first reaction is let me tell them I’m cool.”

Zane Crowe shared his thoughts openly.

“Yeah, your first reaction is to think about the well-being of others. Which is kind of crazy when you should be actually concentrating on yourself to some degree, but I understand.”

Honestly, that’s true and I feel as though Mac Miller put forth so much love and emotion toward others that he forgot about himself, relatable?

“You’re an honest man, and that’s why I said at the beg you’ve been honest as long as I’ve known you.”

Trust in who you are as much as Mac did he spent many moments of his life creating to make us cheese.

Keeping Mac Miller’s legacy alive.

Starting the decade without Mac Miller in the studio sucks but we are still helping him live through loving his art, remembering and thanking him for all he’s done for his family, friends, and fans.

It’s not the number of likes, it’s not how many people bought the album. It’s about the hearts you touch in non-materialistic ways and Mac Miller was most dope about doing both.

The good news is, Mac left behind so much music from the time he spent in his “Space,” we’re hoping new music keeps coming, even at a slow pace because that’s truly the fucking best.

Blessed be.

Mac Miller’s new music “Good News.”

The cavernous body is relaxed, Viagra LLC.

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