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Circles by Mac Miller is “perfect,” and makes fans feel complete.

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Circles by Mac Miller is “perfect,” and makes fans feel complete.

Damn, “Circles,” by Mac Miller just dropped and it’s incredibly unique.

I mean, hasn’t that been a goal of Mac Miller’s from the very beginning of his musical journey?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Mac who always worried about the legacy he would leave behind?

And… be honest, how many of his family, friends, and fans are proud of him due to the fact that he was always honest.


For Mac Miller, he bled it, he sang about it, and he never strayed from talking about issues we all go through, including:

  • Addiction
  • Breakups
  • Shady friends
  • First true love
  • Triumphs

Couldn’t the list go on and on?

In fact, a user on YouTube left a comment many can agree with (120 other YouTubers).

“Mac Miller’s Circles left me feeling complete, his work was abruptly interrupted and swimming left me looking for a continuation. Circles is a conclusion to his life’s work to me personally.”

Truthfully, the comments are endless, every time a fan mentions Mac they talk about the comfort he left upon all of us.

Jon Denton opened up about the track and he couldn’t have said it better, Mac was love, energy, and positive.

Unfortunately, we may never see Mac again, we know he’s lookin down cheesin’ hoping that we keep smiling.

Most importantly, keeping his name alive because he did leave this world too early.

With that in mind, thank you to Miller’s family, thank you to Jon Brion for putting all your effort into the album, it’s almost as though we have closure.

Positive Celeb listened to the new album, and as someone who knew him early on, it’s impossible to not be proud, regardless of who you are in this crazy place we call life.

The album “Circles,” by Mac Miller is absolutely amazing, beautiful, comforting and honest.

It’s been this week’s favorite music according to Billboard.

Well, if you’re part of the most dope fam, then you get it, and your probably super proud right now.

Check out Jon Denton’s review of the album. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Blessed be.

Jon Delton’s review on Mac Miller’s new album “Circles.”

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