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A brutally honest letter to my sister on her birthday.

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Haha, who opened that thinking this would be a horrible brutally honest letter??

Shame on you clickbait titles, shame.

A brutally honest letter to my sister on her birthday. Check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

Happy Birthday, Tara.

You are absolutely such a beautiful woman, you inspire me in the ways I need in my life. I do feel like every person we meet leaves a long-lasting memory whether good or bad.

Fortunately, whatever higher power is up there, gave mom you. I mean… think about it, you’re turning how old (ppl feel free to guess, make her feel good or I’ll cut you)?

You told me all you wanted on your birthday was for mom to be happy, and us, all of us as a family.

First, nobody is perfect, and you’re a butt face at times but I deal with you because you’re always wrong and I’m always right, oh and I’m mom’s favorite. Lmfao, jk.

Life is a fucking roller-coaster, for everyone and that’s the number one reason people should judge less and reflect on themselves, otherwise, they will never learn and grow from whatever they might be going through, right?

Our life growing up was hellish, to say the least, but you were always there for me, you protected me even at times when I was honestly just being an ass to Loredan because that’s what sisters tend to do when they are kids, most importantly siblings. Lol.

Thank you for playing with my NSYNC dolls that you and Cody used your checks to buy them for me with mom.

Thank you for the Christmas tree you left at our doorstep because you knew certain conditions within our household made it impossible to scrape by each month. Thank you on behalf of anyone who was toxic at that time.

I say this because these are memories and they are ones you can’t put a price on, family is important, I realized it’s truly not about the way a person lives, acts or whatever the hell they want to believe in, it’s about the time you spend with the people you “love.”

Words are just words until proven. But something unique to you is, when I say something you trust me because you know on the outside I’m strong but on the inside, I’m not the greatest because of my disease.

You never tell me anything that hurts my feelings like others have, there are just certain things you don’t say to someone with IBD.

You called me and made me put on a funny show because I had c-diff and you did research yourself and you were there for me every single fucking morning. You had shit going on in your life too and you still made me apart of your life. Thank you, thank you for not walking away when things got hard.

These celebrities love charity, going above and beyond.

Exactly as they constantly do every day of the year.

As mentioned, you wanted happiness, and I can truly say you bring joy to so many people have such amazing memories, for example, Tresa Fac Pee Pee (Erion like I told you the other day, I can still see you dancing to crazy Romanian music, in the front of our car like it was a drive-in movie theatre.

And then, we can call out Kim, Karlie, Brycen, Belma, Jordan, etc with some of the best water fights at Sconecutter, those were the true memories right there, ma.

You inspired us at a time in our life when we were still figuring ourselves out.

Man, you were even there the first time I met Nico.

That was cute, remember he said my name right, and would always wait for me on shifts.

I’m happy he and Brendan get along, he’s a life-long friend and does remember your crazy ass cursing at him that one night we won’t talk about, lmfaooo.

Lastly, your kids, the world is a super fucked up place right now but your kids and my bro’s kiddos (Mike) are the very few I see with respect, love, understanding and pure talent mixed with intellectual persona’s.

Nusa is a beautiful girl, she’s grown up so quickly, I remember changing her when she was just a little baby.

And I still had an imagination, so, when you let me put her in the stroller and walk around that complex we all lived at in Cali, I would pretend we were going to the stores, gas stations and then the 99 cent store, by the time I got back home she would be asleep and I’m certain she was relaxed.

It’s crazy how much we have in common. I love her very much.

Nadia, she’s literally the hardest girl in the world, literally. You don’t fuck with Nadia. But inside, she is a giving, loving young woman. I’m proud that she is protective of what matters in her life. I know that whatever passion she wants to take, she will be the best person there, and she’s so smart.

Most importantly, she would give me the shirt off her back if I needed it, literally. She’s done it already, thank you for the sweater @Nadia you are an amazing person and niece but I could totally go to school with you, we’d be two badass girls.

Plus, she is my Moniquey, she freaky like me.

Cloe is such an angel, she is loving, creative and incredibly intellectual. She’s a brat too. Lol.

But she shines bright, and I love when she shares her talents with me, Thank you for giving me yet another gift, a personal VIP who can figure out the who, what, when, where and why within 24 hours (just kidding, but she’s DAMN smart).

Lastly, we have Octo. This kid is amazing as well, he has worked hard his whole life, including when he was only 2-years and climbing walls, hanging upside down, that freakin monkey would climb the trampoline and the roof.

He’s loving as fuck but tough when he needs to be, one time we were sitting at the table and he just started to do these movements with his hand.

Then he told me:

I’m doing sign language, I said I love you.”

Further, he taught me the alphabet, he’s smart and I know one day that little talent will benefit someone’s life.

She is getting old, mwhahaha.

Well, you asked for happiness and here it is, you gave not only me but A LOT of other people memories we will never forget.

If you continue to be the person that leaves the world better than they found it, you’ve succeeded and so far you’ve done it.

So, remember to love yourself this year, it’s 2020, small changes, big changes, positive energy, hopefully you all enjoyed my brutally honest letter to my sister.

Blessed be.

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Happy Birthday, sister, I love you, here’s a picture of your real gift since I’m not feeling too hot (like mentioned, thank you for always understanding).

Blessed be, witch sis.

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