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Sundance 2020: Taylor Swift celebrates premiere at Eccles Theatre and more!

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Sundance 2020: Taylor Swift celebrates premiere at Eccles Theatre.

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Miss Americana 🎬 January 31 on @netflixfilm

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Park City, UT- The one, the only, Taylor Swift, Woman of the Decade spent time in Park City, Utah for Sundance 2020. Swift, whose documentary “Miss Americana,” premiered on opening night at the Eccles Theatre.

As always, Taylor Swift stopped to take a few selfies with her supportive fans. Doesn’t that go to show, she does appreciate those who support her?

Abuse within Hollywood is not a secret.

Although this may be false, in other situations and with different talent managers, agents, and employees, it does happen.

Label executives took advantage of Swift during a time she was growing and learning. On the other hand, Taylor has opened up about the abuse she has faced within the entertainment industry (as well as others).

Provided that it seems to have taken a lot of precious time away from Swift, including having freedom.

Most importantly, T-dawg was at an age where learning whether being respected or being liked was more important, frankly, that’s a lesson we all go through in life.

Instead of being herself, Swift was tossed around like a puppet and nobody should feel stricken by their own team.

Incredibly, despite being told how to live her life, who she could date, friends she could be seen with the public, whether she was to “too fat,” or “too skinny,” she triumphed.

“I feel really good about not feeling muzzled anymore. There’s nothing that feels better than this moment.”
-Taylor Swift

Damn, she overcame and conquered, setting the perfect example for not only her family and friends but her fans. Instead of “reacting,” she spends time to write relatable hits for her personal healing as well as to teach her fans ‘, hey you’re not alone.’

In fact, many find it difficult to be happy because they wear their heart on their sleeve.

Important things we need for life happiness and how they could have affected Taylor Swift.

Beyond health, food, water and shelter come other needs which are important to leading a positive life where you feel in control, proud of yourself and gear you to succeed.

  • Friendship – It’s important to have friends, not just one but a handful that you can truly count on… especially when we aren’t feeling positive and life kicks us to the ground.

    Those executives affected Taylor Swift’s ability to trust, and while there’s not red ink that shares what they said, Swift shared just enough to show that she didn’t spend a lot of time with friends.

  • Intimacy – If there is no opportunity for friendship, how can one begin their journey from “puppy love,” to actually falling in love?

    No doubt, this one doesn’t need much explanation. As mentioned, Swift has always kept your love life a secret because of the harsh judgments. But how would it feel to not being to go out to eat at a local favorite?

  • The need for having control – Doesn’t it feel awful when life doesn’t deal you a hand which makes you feel completely panicked and worried?

    Imagine every decision you’ve had to make was being made by someone you work with, or worse, someone who has abused you in ways you don’t want to remember?

  • The need for creativity and challenges – One word sums this up, accomplishment. Doesn’t accomplishment feel amazing?

    For instance, how do you feel when you pay off student debt for your film class?

    That has to be the best feeling ever, especially after spending all that time with your creativity, putting magic on the big screen.

    Unfortunately, it’s likely many of Taylor Swifts moves when she broke out in 2006.

    The good news is Taylor took action and made creativity and challenges fun and exciting, just as she deserves. I mean, her freaking snake stage was absolutely amazing, as was her tour.

  • The need for one’s purpose meaning – Whoever you are, whatever you do for work, no matter where you live, people must find their purpose in order to be proud and share those stories to help others in the world attempting to find their meaning.

    What would it feel like if you were told what your purpose was, and how you should be showing it (their version of purpose and meaning)?

    That’s balls.

    Thankfully, Taylor Swift has found her purpose and meaning and she’s using her platform to help others heal and shine bright like a Diamond.

With that in mind, Taylor Swift came into the Hollywood spotlight as a novice, learning to explore every single corner of the industry… And all at the same time she beat down in order for higher-ups to “build her,” the way they wanted, rather than how she wanted…could you imagine?

Hell yes, she is now 30-years-old (“Thirty, flirty and thriving, lol.”) and spent more than enough time in the industry to know exactly who should and shouldn’t be in her life.

Regardless of her status in the entertainment industry, those choices are hers, nobody has a right to tell another person how to live.

Further, a quote by Spike Milligan comes to mind:

“Money can’t buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.”

As well as a quote by Maya Angelou:

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

Ultimately, that’s what Taylor has always strived to accomplish, she truly fought and succeeded.

Taylor Swift: Named Woman of The Decade, and how her speech was empowering.

Equally important, that doesn’t mean there are zero trials in life, money is a number, trials do not discriminate, nor can you buy or sell them, right?

So, when people ask ‘why are celebrities so depressed, they have everything?’ the proper response is “so do we,” in comparison, it’s not always greener on the other side, is it?

To End, Sundance 2020 opened on a great note, as did this year for Taylor Swift.

Shout out to the whole team at Sundance, you guys all work so hard, from directors, producers, crew and talent.

Blessed be!

Sundance 2020: Taylor Swift – “Miss Americana”

This hilarious moment when Taylor discovered Jimmy Fallon talked to her mom and got a hilarious home video.

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