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The 2020 Coronavirus digital journals raising concern and awareness.

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The 2020 Coronavirus digital journals raising concern and awareness. Check out this opinion article on Positive Celebrity News.

The 2020 Coronavirus digital journals raising concerns about what may be actually happening in China.

As someone on the outside, placing yourself on the inside, could you imagine being in China right now with what they are facing? 

The Chinese new-year prevented many families from seeing one another and celebrating the 2020 new-year. 

Honestly, memories are the most important aspect of life… I mean material or not, you still have a feeling and emotion. 

Is it safe to hold in a sneeze? We were surprised.

For example, think about your first car, or maybe succeeding at a quest in your life and it was achieved, is it something you can think back to and smile? 

Most importantly, it’s not just a “conspiracy,” just because you’re not the one going through the whole mess, it doesn’t change the fact about current events in China. 

Further, is the Chinese government a threat to human rights? 

Human Rights Watch opened up about the government on their 2020 World report for China’s Global threat: 

More than any other government, Beijing has made technology central to its repression. 

A nightmarish system has already been built in Xinjiang, the northwestern region that is home both to some 13 million Muslims—Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic minorities—and to the most intrusive public monitoring system the world has ever known.

The Chinese Communist Party has long sought to monitor people for any sign of dissent, but the combination of growing economic means and technical capacity has led to an unprecedented regime of mass surveillance.

KurbickIsMyCopilot opened up about the government on Reddit’s “Explain It Like I’m Five,” subreddit, saying: 

“China is a dictatorship in the sense that it has a Supreme Leader whose commands are not subject to explicit restraint but does have some practical checks in the power of the Communist Party oligarchy from which the Supreme Leader rises.

The central government as a whole does wield absolute power and is not subject to public review, criticism, or election. It also wields total control of information, which is why stories about its internal problems are generally rarer in global news coverage than in other countries.

But unlike some other authoritarian states that have total media control, China also has the economic power to punish private companies abroad that publish or broadcast negative stories about it.

It also punishes entertainment companies that depict the Chinese government negatively, which is why it hasn’t been a villain in a movie in two decades. 

Offering an example of the entertainment industry.

“They offer the massive Chinese audience market to companies that depict them well and cut it off if they don’t.

So, to put it bluntly, they give the appearance of being under control because they censor the entire global media through economic pressure. But news stories do come out occasionally – massive riots by workers, purges of ethnic minorities and dissidents, massacres, etc.”

There are quite a few videos going around regarding the new virus and they all seem to emotionally journalize that “fake news,” has been controlling the masses as well as sharing their loss of access to medication even with money is impossible. 

Allegations regarding “speaking up,” say that two are now missing and one person is found and considered “safe for now.” 

Positive Celebrity interviewed an anonymous person who shared their thoughts on facts about the Chinese government. 

On their level of censorship: 

“Their level of censorship is bullshit.” 

Most important there is truth to this fact. For example, if you go to your Facebook page and type “Corona Virus,” and you know people have been posting and sharing, you’ll be surprised, feel free to modify the search to “your friends,” or even “public.” 

We tested it and it came back as “no results,” even though the idea was brought up by a Facebook user who has spoken up about the virus, their family and friends. 

So, how and why are there “no results?” 

On the viral outbreak and censorship. 

“I mean this recent viral outbreak only further supports how problematic and messed up it is.” 

On what would it make it better.

“Change the Chinese government’s actions and replace large portions of the Chinese government.” 

On what bothers our anonymous interviewee.

“The dictator aspect I don’t like one bit. It needs to be more controlled by the people and not by a small elite group.” 

On what the U.S could do something to help.

“Putting high political pressure on China to improve the government and political environment.” 

How does the new virus make you feel in terms of those reaching out online, talking about the news and so on? 

“I don’t think the virus quarantine was a bad choice as it prevents further spread in important ways. But there are areas that do need improvement. The video is mere speculation.” 

As mentioned above, it’s a video diary, despite it being a form of propaganda, it’s no different than journaling through history… we just live in the second decade of the Millenium. 

On what’s getting done by honest people who care about the lives of others.

The complete censorship gets in the way of human health. I do think there is mishandling on the government’s part but… I mean from a medical standpoint, I do think a lot is being done, the efforts made by honest people. But those who are working to contain and help with this virus are pretty overloaded. 

Elexuis Green opened up about her thoughts on the video in the YouTube 

“I believe every word this lady is saying. The news makes it seems like they are getting proper care but no when someone is speaking like this. 

My God wraps your arms around those people they need u father God. Protect those babies over there..” 

The 2020 Coronavirus digital journals raising concern and awareness. Check out this opinion article on Positive Celebrity News.

Regardless of what we can do to help, it will take research and it will be important to choose to support actual causes because we don’t ACTUALLY know everything…  

Those who live in China are the ones who know what’s actually happening, just like they know less about some of our issues in different states, etc. 

Truthfully, whichever side you take, make sure to have an open mind, mixed with common sense, the knowledge of his story and the efforts to do proper investigative research… it won’t be easy but how else do you find the facts? 

Although, there is no perfection in research, sharing, having a voice of any kind is helpful. 

What are Coronovirus symptoms?

For confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases, reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness and death. Symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Lastly, be sure to stay safe, help, love one another and keep an eye on your symptoms, a lot of people have been confirmed and tested positive.

Let us know what you think about Coronovirus blogs, or what you might be itching to discuss.

Blessed be.

The Coronavirus COVID19 Truth

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