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Surprise: Macklemore appears on Hulu’s new top show DAVE!

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Surprise: Macklemore appears on Hulu’s new top show DAVE!

“Your first single was ‘My Dick Sucks.”

 Hulu’s new top show DAVE!

Surprise: Macklemore appears on Hulu’s new top show DAVE! Check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news!

What happens when Dave has the opportunity to open for a big rapper? Will it be his nerves that throw him into a calamity identity crisis?

As we know, Hulu has a wide variety of shows for all of us to binge-watch while going through this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

Most importantly, and before we dive in, thank you, to those working to make watching our programs possible… they are likely working remotely to assure servers continue with stability.

With that in mind, there is a new top show on Hulu, and if you love to laugh with nerdy comedy, then DAVE needs to be on your tv-show lists.

Let’s talk some fun facts, with little spoilers.

Surprise Macklemore appearance on Dave

Macklemore has made his appearance on the new Hulu tv-series “Dave.” As always, the clip of him telling everyone to sing loud enough for heaven to hear it just goes to show, he always keeps the spirituality around.. Making him such a positive influence on the world.

Further, Macklemore is constantly involving himself in charity events. Recently, he traveled with Kesha to Salt Lake City, Utah for the LoveLoud celebration.

Ironically, Utah isn’t one state that accepts LGBTQ teens or adults for that matter. With religious and political interferences, many LGBTQ teens suffer because of unacceptance of who they are as a person.

Again, ironically, their very own families throw them out, or sickly, enroll them in a “fix you Christian,” program that is funded by the LDS church.

Dave is a new show on Hulu that follows a protagonist who wants to follow his dream to rap but he’s still learning the rope which leads him to silly situations.

And so far, into episode two, it’s been such an amazing amount of character development.

In fact, in a time of crisis where we are all stuck at home due to the COVID-19 virus, this is the perfect binge and it will make you laugh.

When you see rappers like Macklemore, who inspires millions, take on something slightly different than their normal is inspiring.

Doesn’t it show that regardless, you can always go out of your comfort zone and “do something different.”

The main character begins a frustrating journey after being compared to Macklemore and it isn’t a bad thing, or is it?

Huge shout out to Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer for creating such well-developed characters that grab attention, and make you laugh.

Also, the cinematography was on-point, it was unique and made it feel more personal, especially in those super awkward moments characters face.

If you haven’t seen the show check it out on Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play!

Blessed be!

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