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COVID-19 depression pandemic, how to cope.

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The COVID-19 depression pandemic, how to cope and beat this virus.

The COVID-19 depression pandemic, how to cope and beat this virus. Learn more right here on positive celeb, with the latest celebrity, film and science news!

Under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have reached a level of sadness they have never felt before in their life.

With that in mind, the last couple of months have been dreadful for the world. Many have lost family to the virus. Most importantly and sadly, many are not allowed to say goodbye, or hold funeral services due to the limitations and self-distancing rules of each state.

Can you imagine, think of the person you love the most, imagine you couldn’t have a “proper,” goodbye and way to grieve, wouldn’t that feel awful?

In the hope that you feel alone, remember, we are feeling this with you.

We spoke to Bren who opened up about his internal depression since the hit of COVID-19.

“There’s no motivation, to do anything, the worst part about it is the fact, I don’t know feels like there is less meaning, you feel less fulfilled because you don’t feel like accomplishing as much or you don’t feel like.. Things blend together, you don’t have as many outside experiences, just becomes repetitive.”

Pandemic outbreaks can leave you anxious.

As a result of COVID-19, men, women, children, families, and friends could be feeling this in silence, so be aware to look for signs of depression and stress.

In fact, fear and anxiety are hitting the country, with zero discrimination.

What are some of the anxieties people are feeling (for those who feel fine)?

  • The fear and worry about your own health.
  • Being immunocompromised and anxiety create a perfect storm, it’s scary.
  • Sleeping more than usual, or a change in sleeping habits.
  • Those who are at high risk, face chronic health problems.
  • Worsening of anxiety and mental health.
  • Lack of productivity, and loss of interest in activities a person used to love.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Fear of money and getting bills on time.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 209 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.

As a consequence, the world decided to collect everything they could, resulting in a lack of PPE and equipment to cope with the current 1,495,051 global cases, with 87,469 deaths.

Unfortunately, the United States of America now has 419,975 cases, with 14,262 total deaths. It’s a scary fact, and as mentioned, this virus does not discriminate.

Unfortunately, every death is a story, filled with pain. When a mother has to hold their 27-year-old child for the last time when husbands and wives pass away, it’s horrifying and children, those grieving are still likely in shock.

So, are more tests needed in order to prevent more pain? According to the specialists, our new normal is, it’s not going to happen fast.

The Chief White House Jim Acosta opened up about the administration is considering opening up the country but top doctors are warning the U.S still has some tough days ahead.

Why are prevention and social distancing important?

Social distancing means you have to keep space between you and other people outside of your home.

Keep at the very minimum of 6 feet (2 meters) from other people.
Gathering of groups is highly discouraged and fines could be instated.
Avoid mass gatherings, yes this means church as well.

Order from local fast-food restaurants to avoid contact at stores, it’s a great alternative.

Most importantly, stay home, unless you are an essential worker.

Alright, it may feel really annoying to constantly be stuck in the house due to social distancing but as reported on CNN the lines are starting to curve, while we are about 2-weeks behind, it seems it will get worse before it gets better.

Especially because it was mentioned that COVID-19 has the ability to come back at a later time this year.

When it comes to those who are high-risk patients with underlying disease, it’s a nightmare.

Don’t forget, love yourself, shower, always get dressed every day, these routines will help your depression and creating a routine usually allows us to feel “fulfilled,” because humans have always loved to work, and to go out and celebrate birthdays and holidays.

“I feel absolutely depressed, turning 30-years-old today and suffering from Crohn’s disease is scary, especially during this pandemic. I’m a high-risk patient and controlling my symptoms without available specialty providers can be difficult. I mean, who wants to risk their provider’s health or their own? Truthfully, sometimes I lay at night and just hope I won’t wake up. But that’s just anxiety and depression kicking in, I know I’m not alone, yet feel alone because not many “healthy,” people understand the stress of being a high-risk potential future patient. Last, to me, it’s not about “if I get it,” it’s when I get it. In the hope that it comes when there is treatment or after an available vaccine.”

What’s trending on Reddit regarding COVID-19?

The COVID-19 depression pandemic, how to cope and beat this virus. Learn more right here on positive celeb, with the latest celebrity, film and science news!

Reddit user DistractedScholar34 explained it in the easiest way to understand, sharing:

“Compared to the flu, COVID-19 is much more infectious and more deadly. The death rate for COVID-19 is about 3.4%, while the death rate for seasonal influenza is about 0.1%. The R0 value (The average number of people that each infected person spreads the disease to) of COVID-19 is 2-3.11, while the R0 value of the flu is 1.3.

COVID-19 is deadly because it’s not deadly, which seems kind of counter-intuitive. SARS, for example, has a 15% death rate, which is about 5 times higher than COVID-19, but it only had a death toll of 774, whereas COVID-19’s death toll is 7,900 and counting.

So, in the big picture, COVID-19 kills more people, because most of the people who get infected are still alive, with fairly mild symptoms, walking around, ready to infect more people, rather than dead, or crippled with symptoms so severe they are confined to a hospital bed.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands. Don’t hoard supplies.”

Well, it was said perfectly, just a little bit of care and understanding how to properly prepare, and prevent.

The COVID-19 related depression is likely to continue, so it’s vital to check on your friends and family.

Most importantly, don’t argue and treat people with disrespect, people who have the virus may not be vocal about it, it can be that terrifying.

Knowing Symptoms of Coronavirus.

Reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness and death for confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases.

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure (based on the incubation period of MERS-CoV viruses).

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

When to Seek Medical Attention

If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include*:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face
  • *This list is not all-inclusive. Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

The best action to beat COVID-19 related anxiety and depression.

  • Call your friends and family on video chat, play games on your tablets, exercise the mind with board games or coloring.
  • It’s okay to go into your back yard and get some sun (close your eyes and be present).
  • Play video games, connect with friends and force yourself to talk on a mic or go on video.
  • Talk to people about your concerns, just letting it out helps.
  • Cry if you need too, sometimes, we don’t why we feel like crying. Regardless of your gender, just let it out.

Last and most importantly, stay safe, stay positive, love yourself and under the circumstances, happy Passover, and any other holidays going on at this time.

It will be okay, check out the videos below, they were provided by Brendan Warkentin, who saw this on VOX, who has been studying this disease since the start, perfect way to watch its actions.

Blessed be.

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Coronavirus is not the flu. It’s worse.

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