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TikTok FYP: A rise in positive users are inspiring the world, check it out!

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There are over 800 million active users on TikTok, now that’s what I call a fun and successful application, especially during this difficult time of isolation.

The Corona-blues have swept the country but it hasn’t slowed down charity. In fact, not only are celebrities donating money, people all around the world are focusing on making a difference during COVID-19 outbreak. 

Granted, good news hasn’t been around as of late and that’s why it’s so important to thank everyone who has taken the time to make proper PPE for healthcare workers and essential workers, as well as families.

In truth, the world hasn’t seen this type of outbreak since the H1N1 pandemic (better known as the Spanish Flu). 

To everybody who has used this time to be better than you were 1-minute ago, thank you.

Without you, who knows who may have not made it, the truth is, nobody will ever know the reality of their donations and patience. 

Celebrities have taken to staying at home, joining TikTok and having fun with all of us. 

Fortunately, you don’t need a label to be a positive influence in the TikTok community, and end up on the TikTok FYP!

Positive Celeb has spent time there hanging out with stranger friends on LIVE videos and of course, dueting.

Some people have even found love on TikTok and it’s beautiful.

Users on TikTok have the opportunity to connect with others with similar beliefs. And it’s refreshing to fit in, don’t you think?

Their idea is “simple, use TikTok to do Good.” 

TikTok wants to inspire and encourage a new generation to have a positive impact on the planet and those around them. Check out some organizations that have used TikTok to grow their audience, activate supporters, and raise awareness around specific causes.

3 Users who are making an impact on TikTok

Shout out, Becky Mouu, Thank you for being fun, inspiring and bloody honest, you are amazing, more than you realize.

BeckyMouu, is so much fun, she’s always so positive with her viewers and if they bully, she gives them a piece of her mind because she cares about others and their emotions.

Not only that, she shares her playlists on TikTok LIVE and always leaves her viewers smiling. 


#duet with @beckymouu me too… and also #metoo :/

♬ original sound – stillsilhouette

If you haven’t checked her out, then you’re missing out because she’s full of fun, compliments and honesty, oh and she can sing, here’s her YouTube.

Learning to love yourself can be hard but BeckyMouu truly helps users (like myself) feel better, positive and ready to dance around on TikTok, endlessly.

Becky, you deserve the love, the compliments and the positive attitude toward everyone you “meet.”

I’d be surprised if the whole world hasn’t seen you on the TikTok FYP page.


This TikTok user is helping those with mental health issues. He goes above and beyond for everyone who is facing trials. And he certainly has made TikTok a better place.

Cart3r87 has left us speechless with his mental health awareness TikTok videos. 

As a result of his positive videos, many have left comments thanking him for being a person they can lean on, isn’t that what life is all about, in the hope that we can leave this world a better place than we found it? 

Shout out to Lilmonster0328, you are also, amazing, beyond measure.

Lilmonster0328 is another TikTok user who truly brings their style to life. Not only do they look fantastic in every video, it’s impossible to not hit that duet button. 

Those who dance, love showing emotion will have an absolute blast hanging out with Lilmonster0328, so if you haven’t already seen those trending videos on the TikTok FYP page, then it’s time to hit that search button. 

The sweet comments, love, dancing and editing skills are on point.

With that in mind, you know you’re going to be having a good time dancing, flirting and meeting new people through any duets with Lilmonster0328.

It’s nothing but positive vibes and love. 

During a time where many are stuck at home, it can almost drive you mad, thankfully, the evolution of “Music.ly” to “TikTok,” has kept our personalities alive, as well as keeping us busy while having fun with people from all around the world. 

In any case, you’ve probably seen an increase of TikTok users on social media. And no, you’re not too old to join.

Get on there, share your 90s music, dance your ass off and have fun. 

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Blessed be. 

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